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Verdarluz CelestiOwl had surgery at 15 that changed his life. He had to have 1.5 inches of bone removed from his left femur, not able to walk for 4 months. This experience left him with an understanding of the preciousness of the human body and the sincere desire to use his body and especially his legs to explore reality, which he’s done not only through hiking in the Himalayas or diving in a Cenote in Tulum, Mexico, but through a continual practice of Qi Gong and Dance.

Two years later, at 17, he discovered the fragility of human life again as his right lung collapsed spontaneously. He also discovered the reality of synchronicity as the other lung collapsed while he was waiting in the doctor’s office for a check up for that first.

At 20, while Verdarluz was at university, he learned about volunteer opportunities on the kibbutzim in Israel. He decided to take the plunge into the great unknown adventure abroad, knowing that once he got off the plane in Tel Aviv that he’d finally chosen his own life, and that this life would never be the same again because of that decision.

Verdarluz traveled to over 30 countries by the age of 37, demonstrating the mystical hand orchestrating synchronicity through the magical mystery tour which is travel. And it was this travel that both exposed him to astrology, finding his soul amidst the lands, peoples, and star stories from worlds as diverse as India, Tibet, Peru, Egypt, and the Mayan Pyramids.

When he was on the West Coast, he had moved nearly every three months, both in college and after. It was exhausting and frustrating. When he discovered AstroLocality and the fact that he was living on a restless, confrontational, and territorial Mars line on the West Coast, he finally had an epiphany that he needed to move.

He moved to Colorado, away from aggressive Mars and into the embrace of his artistic, relational, and financially abundant Venus line, opening a new world of relationships, cultural savoring, his successful coaching practice, authoring his two books, Codex of the Soul: Astrology, Archetypes, and Your Sacred Blueprint, and Aquarius Dawns: The Shamanic Artist and the Rise of the Wounded Healer, the teaching of multiple online and telecourses, and the completion of many albums of music as well as regular DJing.

Tune in to hear Verdarluz discuss with Steve, Mary, and Richard how he helps people to create the most inspiring life possible, individually and in their business.



In This Episode

Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do.

The origin of his name

The journey unfolds on his rebirth

How he helps people

A near death experience at only 17 years of age

He created his own degree in college

Astrology is lifelong learning

How religion factors in

Approaching clients based on human design pattern

Relationships & astrology

Location and timing for business


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