Jill Raff, Reinventing Customer Experience

Jill Raff developed her customer-first philosophy growing up in the “McDonald’s family.” In 1959, her family opened store #150 in Ocala, Florida. From age seven, while shadowing her father and working her way around every station in the restaurant, she experienced first-hand the results of founder Ray Kroc’s philosophy of QSC & V (Quality, Service, Cleanliness & Value).

As a little girl in preppy Columbus, Georgia, Jill also always loved fashion. When looking at clothes or trying them on, she’d always want to shift the neckline or modify some element of the design. She did the same thing with recipes in cookbooks, not realizing that this was a creative part of her waiting to be discovered and developed.

Her first career was as a Fashion Designer (knitwear specialist), with some textile print design. She then was a NYC Food Stylist, then a licensed Real Estate Agent in NYC (now holds licenses in NY & TX) and finally realized that her purpose encapsulated all of these experiences.

Losing her Dad when he was just 65, having just turned 33, led to a time of healing by moving closer to her sister in Israel. That year began her next journey – going to Paris to get her Grand Diplome, in French Cuisine and Pastry, opening the next phase of her life.

Jill now applies her gifts of being super detail-oriented, sensitive, observant, skilled and knowledgable in various markets and industries, having lived and worked across 3 continents, 6 countries and learning 4 foreign languages along the way.

Now she feels it’s time to give back, living out her Dad’s legacy and what was seeded as a little girl working her first job at age 7, answering the phone at McDonald’s, with her Dad being her first Mystery Shopper.

Using her proprietary 7-ingredient customer experience transformation process, Jill helps businesses create company cultures that deliver extraordinary customer experiences so that customers will become obsessed with doing business with them.

Tune in to hear Steve, Mary and Richard chat with Jill about her mission to create a “Customer Experience Movement”.


In This Episode

What she learned from McDonald’s

Her parents were the first to employ women at McDonald’s

Creating true teamwork

Is the customer always right?

Creating a great overall customer experience

People are looking at your social media to decide whether to do business with you – social proof

Presence is necessary

Even negative reviews should be addressed. Show you care.


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