Kenneth Bator reinvents culture & civility. Bator training and consulting, create environments where employees want to come to work. And for the past 16 years, Ken’s work includes law enforcement. With culture loud and clear and high in the headlines, the crew directs the conversion towards hard and hot topics in America, culture.

Ken reveals a deeply painful loss, an aunt beaten to death by a black person, but clarifies his feelings; it does not mean he hates an entire race of people. He encourages us to have a similar reality, to not judge the entire police force.

Ken voices concern over reallocating funds. The challenge and pitfalls of blindly changing police programs, rather than looking at other examples in the system that are working, and adopting strategies for something that is better for both citizens and the police force. 

He says America can achieve a pro-peace, pro-change and pro-police solution, where all communities feel safe and where police officers know they will go home at night and tuck their kids into bed. Mary strongly agrees, condemning violence of all kinds, and pointing out that; “all lives matter.” 

Ken’s circles round to relocation of funds and his expertise, suggesting that if funds are reallocated, areas of allocation should also include identifying where police need further education, support and evaluation of mental stability. 

Everyone agrees that what happened to George Floyd was wrong, that the force used, didn’t fit the crime. Many may have watched the replay of civilians voicing their alarm, or witnessed the ignored protest of a rookie cop, and almost everyone held their breath listening to the final gasp of George Floyd’s; “I can’t breathe”. His last and final words amplified in a cultural alarm that now permeates America’s covid-19 filled air. 

Steve philosophizes that covid 19 and “I can’t breathe” create another global metaphor for change. As Steve asks us to bridge our perspective, the minutes preceding the death of Mr. Floyd, with the asphyxiation of the human race and our planet, all struggling to inhale. Concluding that the entire planet is now awake, searching for currently unseen solutions to virus free air and stale cultural norms that are further saturated with the stench of racism. 

What did the crew learn? There are many divergent views and information; and similar to amendments to some of America’s greatest constitutional documents, culture needs to change, and the decisions we are all making today have an opportunity to completely change our lives, hopefully for the better. 

In This Episode

  • Peaceful demonstrations, unjustified violence, all lives matter, 
  • Bee’s, hallway commute to college, salt in the wounds opening and closures
  • Police culture, defunding police forces and community safety
  • Open perspective around today’s conversations,
  • Metaphor for change: I can’t breathe”, corona respiratory virus and George Floyd

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