Brad Hart on Reinvention Radio with the RR Crew are Reinventing Community. Brad, who graduated college in the recession and tried to grab for all the marbles through Real Estate, Hedge Funds and more. He was successful but not fulfilled and success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.

A moment of kindness in his life was life changing for Brad where he realized he could make a huge impact in the lives of others. How can I help and how can I serve? Brad says, “Right now, the best thing we can do given our current economy is to build community. Don’t go into a community try to get as much out of it, that is the wrong approach, it should be to give as much as possible”

The most important things to focus on right now: skills (copy writing), relationship capital and have a vehicle to serve people with to turn those relationships to capital.

If you have a desire to serve, start a mastermind and bring in 10 experts and share their knowledge and there is no such thing as business problems, only personal problems that are showing up in your business so masterminds aren’t just a win for your business but also a place to serve.

On this week’s episode of Reinvention Radio the RR Crew as they dive into Masterminds with Brad Hart. Think about masterminds as a way to serve, build community and raise revenue.

In This Episode

How do we build a community
The word sell is a dutch word t serve
Affiliate Marketing
A way to add value that you didn’t have before
Masterminds are great for this economy


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