Wylie McGraw - Reinventing Chronic Stress

Wylie McGraw is a US Army veteran with 3 tours under his belt. He was en route to become a firefighter when he met a remarkable woman – a highly regarded corporate intuitive, who saw his truth, pain, and gifts, when he couldn’t. He lost his false self and ego and rebuilt the man meant to reinvent the paradigm of performance and stress resolution, especially for men.

Wylie became passionate about the truth of what stress really is and how it affects all aspects of life. He studied human performance in vets and PTSD, and found there are only 2 types of stress we live with, which he named “Acute Stress” and “Chronic Stress”. Acute Stress is the “it happens to me” stress, or the circumstances experienced in life. Chronic Stress is the deeper, root cause of this, called the “suck it up or get over it already stress”, and this is the real culprit. Everyone and everything only focuses on relieving the acute stress (yoga, the gym, drinking, sex, medications, therapy, etc.), and nobody wants, or can, see or believe the truth of it. We are raised to believe life is hard, things happen to us, cannot control what happens to you, and that is all a story made from people carrying around unresolved stress themselves. He calls chronic stress, “Live Wires” because they’re dangerous and unpredictable, and fire off anytime you start something new, step up to a new level of growth, or are asked to become more, or better.

Working behind the scenes with top high-achievers, leaders, and influencers to accelerate their performance in life and business, because they have an impact to the masses and the ripple effect is profound, Wylie is founder of Radical Performance Acceleration. He and his partner work exclusively behind the scenes with CEOs, leaders, public figures, athletes etc. bringing balance, abundance, and true peace and freedom into their lives so they can positively create rapid change in the world with those who follow them, work for them, and are influenced by them. If you don’t have everything you want, how you want it, and you are honestly not living life on your terms, unencumbered by your ego or your circumstances, then you have unresolved chronic stress. Period.

Radical Performance Acceleration creates unimaginable changes for individuals and businesses not only in terms of their bottom line, but in their relationships, their health, their personal power, spiritually, and financially. It’s why people call them their “secret weapons”, often having tried everything else. They are referral only and have been passed through the industries of Wall Street to Hollywood and everything in between.

Tune in to hear Wylie chat with Steve, Mary, and Richard about the differences between acute stress and chronic stress and how it affects every aspect of your life.



In This Episode

They chose to stay stealth in their company visibility

Naturally evolved to a referral basis

Acute vs chronic stress

We’ve taught society how to accept

Suck it up stress defined

His journey to proficiency

Personality disorders resolved the dynamic he lives with

It was work it to go to war

Tattoos tell a story

His business partner had a major impact on his life

The process for transforming high performers

When people don’t get what they want

Why are so many smart people so stupid?

Get clear in  your environment

Educated derelicts

Stress is two things

He got through his own crap

High performance meditation

He hasn’t lost his shit in over a decade

Living life on his terms



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