RR -Chris Krimitsos

Chris Krimitsos is a speaker, producer, consultant, business leader, and CEO of Podfest Multimedia Expo. People described him as a “changemaker”,”motivator,” “catalyst for change,” and “inspiration”. He facilitated over 2,000 events that have brought together business owners, toward economic growth, under the umbrella of Tampa Bay Business Owners, which he founded in 2008. Tune in as Chris joins Steve on the club pod stage in this episode and as he engages with the audience members’ questions.

Some of the topics covered:


  • Putting 5,000-10,000 people into virtual event
  • Chris being an entrepreneur at 12
  • Seeds were planted with this first little meet-up with 13 people
  • Florida PodFest
  • Got the break of a lifetime for just doing the right thing as a human being
  • The power of community.
  • Microcon Concept
  • Tips for holding Virtual Events
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