Tom Matzen - Reinvention Radio

In this episode we have Tom Matzen, international bestselling author and serial entrepreneur. Tom has started 47(!) businesses and made and lost millions along the way… including losing over $21 Million in just a few short months.
Tom has taken these experiences and led his clients to earn over $100 Million. He is literally Reinventing Business Results using strategies that can massively grow any value-based business.
Tune in to find out what it’s all about and listen to why Tom paid $1 Million to two business coaches. Say what? I would have coached him for only $750,000! 

1 – Republican Debate, The Power of Silence

2 – Fire walking, Near Death Experiences, $10MM Mulligan

3 – The Game Is About Life and Profit; Trading $ for Hours (caller Richard)

4 – Defining Strategic Alliances; They Both Blew It! (Caller Martin)

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