Cheryl Hodgson, Reinventing Branding

Cheryl Hodgson’s childhood, in fact her entire existence, was reframed by her father’s devastating illness when she was 8. She pretty much lost her childhood, but reinvented her self-image as the strong, do-it-alone, Lone Ranger, so to speak.

Living the illusion that she had to be perfect and never ask for help or show weakness, Cheryl was inspired to make change when she hit the wall, beginning to understand that she wanted and needed community, connection and currency, personally and professionally. She found her voice and the courage to share it with the world to contribute to entrepreneurs and build a legacy based upon helping others.

Cheryl has a unique combination of legal expertise and practical business experience based upon years of experience in the music industry at a manager, agent, and music publisher. An expert in litigation of matters pertaining to contractual disputes, artist rights, trademarks, copyrights, Cheryl uses her courtroom expertise not only as a litigator but as a mediator in cases involving trademarks copyrights and entertainment related matters.

Founder of Hodgson Legal and the successful online publication, Cheryl is focused on providing brand owners with expert insights and advice in brand building. She is the author of the book Brandaide and has been a featured speaker in many professional groups including the California Copyright Conference, eMarketing Association, the ABA Sports & Entertainment Forum, and the Beverly Hills Bar Association.

Certified for arbitration and mediation of Intellectual Property Disputes and Advanced Workshops for the Uniform Resolution of Domain Disputes at the World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva, Switzerland, Cheryl is also licensed in California, New York, and Tennessee and has served as Professor of Music Law at Loyola University School of Law. She serves on the Board and is Past President of the California Copyright Conference. Cheryl is a member of the International Trademark Association (INTA), Los Angeles Copyright Society, and the Intellectual Property Section of the California State Bar.

Cheryl is also a certified yoga instructor and practitioner.

Tune in to hear Steve, Mary and Richard chat with Cheryl about brand protection and safeguarding that brand with a plan.



In This Episode

Definition of branding
Creating Connecting Community
Managing brand reputation
Marketing and legal ought to be a team
Company culture plays a part in branding
Corporate vs personal brand
A way around trademarking a title
When do you apply for a trademark?
Elements of a great brand


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