Bob Doyle - Reinventing Boundless Living

In 2002, Bob Doyle made a huge life change,  quitting his corporate job to explore new ways to create the life he’d always wanted. When he quit, he had no safety net in place, but he knew he had to do it, as he was literally dying inside. A huge asset was Bob’s broad and diverse background, including experience as a composer, broadcaster, photographer and musician. Once he fully understood the Law of Attraction, and began living it every day, he promised himself he would never do anything for a living that he didn’t absolutely love, and he hasn’t.

Bob knew he wanted to live a more abundant life himself, but he also wanted to teach others to do the same, and felt a sense of duty to create a significant difference to as many people as possible. In addition to being an author of Wealth Beyond Reason and Follow Your Passion, Find Your Power, Bob created the “Wealth Beyond Reason” program, which is a training platform that is widely praised as one of the best Law of Attraction programs out there.

In 2006, after seeing his approach to the Law of Attraction, Bob was invited by producers to be one of the expert Teachers in the movie “The Secret” documentary to share his own personal journey and help others understand how they could live the lives of their dreams.

In addition to being a teacher in the movie, Bob is featured in Rhonda Byrne’s novel, The Secret (a companion to the movie), in which Bob is referenced as an expert on how to use the Law of Attraction and achieve your dreams. The Secret is a world-wide bestseller, with over 30 million copies printed.

TUNE IN to this episode as Bob chats with Steve, Mary and Richard about how he teaches people to follow their passions and that they can absolutely create the life they’ve dreamed of.



In This Episode

1 – Be who you are; The Secret is 10 years old; He grew up wanting to be on radio but couldn’t express himself creatively; Law of Attraction took all that was woo woo scientific

2 – Law of Attraction has gotten very distorted, let’s do a reset; Is there a love-hate over The Secret?; Picking and choosing tools of Law of Attraction without wanting to do the work; Limited thinking happens early in life

3 – The steps for embracing the Law of Attraction; If you don’t know who you are and where you want to go how can you build your vision?; What can happen behind the scenes that we don’t know is happening; The intelligent design of the universe


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