Matthew Leland Cox is Reinventing The Purpose Driven Person. Matthew is a visionary and achieves success by surrounding himself with the right people. Those who can integrate and breathe life into his vision. From tough times growing up in Hurricane, now thriving with his family in Las Vegas 

Matthew Cox dropped out of school and into an understanding of his kryptonite and found himself playing catch-up from an early age. His language disorder and ADD taught me failure and labelled broken, was not a bad thing. He could have been bitter, then Mr. Johnson challenged Matthews broken excuse, shifting his perspective to dial up his attitude, igniting his resilience to reinvent himself, by never giving up. He went on to achieve a Masters in Business Administration and Film.

College had its challenges too, until Matthews public speaking and the ability to motivate crowds gifted him a glimpse into his superpowers. But, it was through soccer, coaching and fostering kids that he fell into his true lifes’ calling; helping families with kids in crisis. 

Highlighting and satisfying his purpose driven philosophy and high-blue needs, Matthews’ 2 companies create the perfect blend, helping those who can and those who can’t pay. He says that parents seek him out for their problem teen. And I ask them to set aside the teen and begin with the self. Through his personal experience and work, Matthew developed a deep grasp of human behavior which prepared him for fatherhood, to do better, create connection and to apologize when wrong.

In This Episode

  • Rich and Steve dial in on kids and a no-go on sacrificial covids’
  • To stay prudent, positive and little bit pollyanna
  • Content creation, communication and the transaction ask
  • The power of goal and knowing your why
  • True colors: The fungus among us
  • Creating connection is the greatest thing with kids
  • Human doings verses human beings


Resources Mentioned


Don Laurey: True Colors

Dr. John London: How to Hug a Teenage Porcupine

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