Tina Dietz - Reinventing Audio Marketing

At only 2 years old, Tina Dietz was already interviewing people on her tape recorder. She STILL has that tape and has never put the microphone down. Born to entrepreneurial parents, she started answering their business phones at 4 and was going to trade shows by 6.Now she is an internationally acclaimed business coach, speaker, dedicated audiobook publisher and podcasting mentor.

As a therapist (with an MS in Counseling and Educational Development), early in her career while working in the public school system that dealing with bureaucracy was not her thing.  She has a “students-come-first” approach, which grew into something new as she worked with a grassroots group and developed two teen leadership centers. She showed kids how to make ideas a reality. Many of those seeds that were planted still live in her programs and her approach to coaching to this day. She developed transitional training programs for colleges and some of the nation’s largest utility providers, as well as serving as the co-founder and Director of Business Development for the Nayada Institute of Massage.

Tina is also a bestselling author and has been featured on Million Dollar Mindset, ReLaunch, ABC, Massage Today, Money for Lunch and Tropical Entrepreneur, to name a few.  She has worked with and provided small business help in more than 20+ industries and 6 countries (and counting) around the world, watching them grow and transform.

TUNE IN to this episode to hear Tina chat with Steve and Mary about audio marketing and how to take advantage of the booming audiobook trend.

In This Episode

1 – Spanish & Italian; The Audio Extravaganza; They Put A Mic In Her Hands At 2 Years Old; 1.5 Million More AudioBooks Than Ebooks Consumed In 2015
2 – 3 Ways To Create An Audiobook; No Book, No Audiobook; Time & Costs Of Producing An Audiobook; Steve’s New Book
3 – Skype – Pants Optional; Best Call To Action For An Audiobook; Wade’s Mic Drop; Podcasting Isn’t Being Throttled The Way Other Media Are


“Smartphones are the radio of today.”

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