Kathy Stevens - Reinventing Animal Rescue

In 2001, Kathy Stevens turned down an offer to lead a new charter high school, instead co-founding Catskill Animal Sanctuary, where her love of teaching, her belief that education has the power to transform, and her love of animals come together.

Catskill Animal Sanctuary is one of the world’s leading sanctuaries for farmed animals, having saved more than 5,000 non-human individuals through direct rescue and exponentially more through programming that encourages humans to adopt veganism.

Kathy is the author of two critically and popularly acclaimed books, about the work of Catskill Animal Sanctuary, Where the Blind Horse Sings and Animal Camp. She’s also a contributor to books, podcasts and articles on animal sentience, animal rights and veganism.

Kathy takes her message of kindness to all beings to conferences and colleges across the U.S. and Canada and looks forward to transitioning from her Executive Director role to full-time “vision keeping,” speaking and writing in support of the Sanctuary’s urgent mission.

On weekends, you’ll often find her on the grounds, either tagging along on tours or kissing pigs.

Tune in to hear Steve, Mary and Richard chat with Kathy about her mission to create a societal shift to plant-based living as not only a moral imperative, but that it is essential to our very survival.



In This Episode

Kissing the pig

Her journey to the animals

From a closet in the woods to 150 acres and 300 animals

What is the animal sanctuary?

You and I are more like pigs and chickens

We are running out of fish

The merits of plant substitutes

Why it’s all Steve’s fault


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