Adam Hudson - Reinventing Amazon Sellers

Adam Hudson moved to the US from Australia in 2012. He started 5 companies in 3 years. 1 failed, but 4 of them became 7-figure success stories., a small animation studio, was his first business. It was sold in a 7-figure deal last year.  Adam has been an entrepreneur since the age of 21, from hair salons to flight simulators and finance companies.

Adam has built several multi-million dollar companies in Australia and in the US. He co-founded one of the first crowdfunding platforms in 2006, which has gone on to raise in excess of $100M dollars for startups worldwide. He now owns a cloud software business, an Amazon review company, a homewares company that sells products exclusively through Amazon into 8 countries and Reliable Education.

Adam learned about the opportunity to sell on Amazon when he took a course in which he learned that he could sell on Amazon, but that Amazon would handle all the warehousing and shipping. So he launched his own brand, selling in 8 Amazon marketplaces around the world. He now owns a 7-figure Amazon brand that sells in US, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany and France. He also own the world’s largest Amazon review company (, (a SAAS product for Amazon sellers). He also teaches Amazon via

He has recently gone into education because he loves people and helping them expand their thinking. He has also injected a charitable component into all of his companies – a chance to give back.

TUNE IN to this episode as Adam chats with Steve, Mary and Richard about building a successful Amazon business and reinventing the Online Education Industry by giving honest, high quality content that doesn’t create unreasonable expectations.



In This Episode

1 – It All Started With Buying An Animation Company In LA; Listing A Business For Sale; “He” Was Not The Business; Selling Products On Amazon
2 – Getting Started As An Amazon Seller; You Have To Have A Moat Around Your Business; Design And Quality Of Product Are Key; Do As Little As Possible And Make The Most Money
3 – Samples Of Adam’s Students Amazon Success; Two Million Amazon Sellers – Is There Still Room For Me?; Making A Private Label Brand And Don’t Skimp On Design And Packaging; The Giving Part Is What Gets Him Excited

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