Gayle Carson, Reinventing Ageism

Born in Albany, New York, Gayle Carson, aka Spunky Old Broad® (SOB), earned her degree in Broadcasting, Theater, and Speech from Emerson College. During college, she hosted two radio shows and began her training in live TV.  After college, she moved to Miami, finding work almost immediately. A year later, she bought that business and proceeded to diversify its sales base from one to seven divisions, eventually becoming the largest independent organization in the industry.

As CEO, Gayle managed a diverse staff of over 350 people, graduated more than a million students from her training programs and personally managed the company’s complex payroll. While serving as CEO, she also received her Doctorate from Nova Southeastern University. Gayle served as a TV spokesperson for Clairol visiting major markets doing before and after makeovers during this time. As President of the Carson Research Center, she served as a consultant to 50 industries on six continents, advising them on current business trends and cutting edge opportunities to stay ahead of their competition.

Author of five books, she hit the Amazon’s bestsellers list, was a winner of the Best Seller Quill Award and was inducted into the National Academy of Best Selling Authors.

Coaching and speaking across the world, Dr. Gayle repeatedly heard: “How do you stay so positive?” “Where does that inner-spunk come from?” She knew she wasn’t a spring chicken and having an opinion can make people reach for the BROAD word. So why not put this whole thing together and represent in a POSITIVE way, three words that are typically NEGATIVE? With that, the Spunky Old Broad® (SOB) philosophy was born.

Gayle was selected as a “2007 Legend of the Speaking Profession”, hosted Entrepreneur’s “Women in Business” radio show, wrote for them and had articles in More Magazine. Currently, she hosts over a dozen radio shows per month and is the founder of the She is also the only woman in the world who has a Doctorate, a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), CMC (Certified Management Consultant) and an FIMC (Fellow to the Institute of Management Consultants).

Tune in to hear Steve, Mary and Richard chat with Gayle about living regret free and how she helps people find their “inner spunk”.



In This Episode

Her radio career started at WS Radio
The entrepreneurial journey began selling Avon door-to-door
How her first real job ended in her buying the company
The journey through broadcasting
How have things evolved for women?
She’s 81 years old and in better shape than most
What is ageism and how do you prepare for it?
Living a life with new balance


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