Dan Lok - Reinventing A Poor Immigrant
Dan Lok immigrated to Canada as a young boy. Unable to speak English, he was bullied, people made fun of him and ultimately he dropped out of college.  His Dad had gone bankrupt, so Dan decided it was his responsibility to take on caring for his family. At 16, he was bagging groceries, struggling to make ends meet. It was the last job Dan has held.

Dan learned about life and business by enrolling in the school of hard knocks, where he learned firsthand the painful way what works and what doesn’t work in any business. By 27, Dan had earned his first $1 Million and by his early 30’s, he was a multi-millionaire.  He attributes his success to hard work, relentless determination and the guidance he has received from his mentors.

Dan is the founder and CEO of Charm Junction, Inc., which was named Online Retailer of The Year by Canada Post in 2012. He is also the author of a dozen books that teach financial freedom and entrepreneurial skills, including F.U. Money, Secrets of Canadian Top Performers, Creativity Sucks, and Lies Salon Owners Believe, to name a few.

Listen to this episode to hear Dan chat with Steve and Mary about why he believes in giving back to the community, and how he actively seeks opportunities where he can share his real world strategies and proven business fundamentals.


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