Doug Sandler - Reinventing A Nice Guy

After spending 30 years as a DJ, Doug Sandler reinvented his life at 47. With over 30 years of business experience as an entrepreneur, business owner, manager and staff member, his specialty is making connections, building relationships and strengthening bonds both inside and outside organizations. That said, don’t let the “Mr. Nice Guy” tag fool you, he’s a high level negotiator and is anything but a pushover.

Doug’s book, Nice Guys Finish First, is a #1 ranked Amazon Best Seller.  His speaking and consulting business is geared towards improving relationships and winning business through his time tested, “Invest, Inspire and Educate”, system.

Also a nationally recognized speaker, Doug is a writer for Huffington Post, whose weekly posts reach over hundreds of thousands of readers. Doug has been titled by a leading social media marketing company in the “Top 100 Social Media Thought Influencers” to follow. He has a top-ranking iTunes podcast, “The Nice Guys on Business”.

TUNE IN to this episode as Doug chats with Steve, Mary, and Richard about being a nice guy in today’s world and how the nice guys really do finish first.



In This Episode

1 – Do nice guys finish first or last?; Let love rule or let love drool; Doug’s bar mitzvah DJ fiasco; Taking charge in a non-ego way

2 – Is it too late to get into podcasting?; Mainstream media is losing a foothold; Audio is king; Podcast equipment to get started

3 – Monetizing a podcast; You’ve got to know your audience; Selling the value of the endorsement; You have to be engaged with your audience and networking


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