Heather Burgett is a Reinvention PR star with 20 years media experience and a winning formula for success.Heather reinvents the way entrepreneurs and small businesses can up-level their visibility through PR. Today’s marketplace is ripe with opportunity, and a good place to start is by converting today’s news conversations. Look into resources like Haro.com, thrive global, sugar pop or mind body green, medium.com. Learn how to leverage your strengths today so you can generate greater visibility and become known as an expert in your field now. But, before you jump in, infuse yourself with confidence so you can articulate a focused affirmation message that is loud and clear on how your expertise is benefiting others now.

PR is a must, whether you hire an agency or do it yourself. And if your business is just hanging in there with Covid 19, then maybe it’s time, begin your PR program today. There are so many ways you can personally engage in PR. Activate your PR campaign with a blog, be heard  on pod-casts or think about being a contributing writer. The most important part is to get yourself out there so that when someone Googles you, they not only find you, but you are seen as an expert

One of the biggest mistakes Heather witnesses is that small businesses often wait or stop their PR. Her advice? To develop a long term PR strategy that packages, presents, builds momentum and maximizes your wins. People need to come pre sold and that is the power of the visibility!

In This Episode

  • Where and how to gain visibility with PR
  • What is an authority affirmation elevator pitch
  • Clarity and confidence is the winning mindset
  • Paid media vs earned media
  • Media Opportunities


Resources Mentioned

Mindbodygreen.com, Haro.com, Medium.com, Thriveglobal.com & Popsugar.com

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