Kelly Dauer, Reinventing A High Fat Lifestyle

Kelly Dauer was living her life through compromise. Her lowest point was at 341 pounds, married to a man that struggled with his own demons, expressing those demons through how he treated her and her children. She decided she had to make a change.

In 2001, Kelly had a gastric bypass, losing 100 pounds, only to gain a large majority of it back within the next six years. Though she knew it could happen and did to others, she didn’t see it happening to her, but it did. During the weight loss process, she had gained her confidence back and had begun to see herself differently but her home life had not changed. She was blessed with two little humans after multiple miscarriages,  and had the realization that she needed to break the cycle of abuse in their home and discover her own resilience.

Prior to and since then she tried every diet possible from prepackaged meals, 500 calories a day plans, shots, nasty drinks, fitness extremes – whatever new fad had emerged. Each would have initial success, only to fail in the end. She was suffering from depression, polycystic ovarian syndrome, pre-diabetic, insulin resistance and a multitude of other impacts from yo-yo dieting.

With the decision to remove the cycle of abuse came years of challenges for Kelly and her children – the journey to get where they are now wasn’t an easy road and the “mom guilt” has been hard to accept. What she didn’t realize at the time was that it’s not an issue of accepting the trial but growing and embracing the outcome.

About 18 months ago, Kelly made a decision that she was done dealing with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). It was painful, her hormones were all over the place and she wanted off the meds. Through research on a peer-reviewed medical research site, she learned of the proven research on the reversal of PCOS, insulin resistance and hormonal imbalances, beginning a ketogenic diet.

Within a few short weeks, she could not believe the difference. There was a mental clarity she had never experienced – a fog had been lifted and her mind was quick. The PCOS was completely reversed, there was clear evidence that hormones were balancing out and within the first four months, she’d lost 40 pounds.

While some view it as a fad, the ketogenic lifestyle has been used medically since 1911 – not exactly your typical fad timeframe. The biggest impact of keto was on her autistic son. When he returned to school that fall there was a significant difference that was noticed. The school and the Boys and Girls club wanted to know what she’d done. That was a defining moment for her.

She had so many people asking what she was doing, wanting help and coaching that Kelly founded Keto Corner. She’s excited to have a vehicle to help others and make a truly positive impact.

Tune in to hear Steve, Mary and Richard chat with Kelly about the high fat lifestyle and living a life without deprivation.



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Growing up overweight

Her son was the result of a date rape

Why she spent three years in survival mode

She coped by eating

The turning point and the journey to weight loss

What is the keto diet?

Keto is a lifestyle

The mistakes people make when dieting

Kids and keto

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