Mario Nawfal, Reinventing 7 Figure Incomes

Mario Nawfal migrated to Australia as a child. Just 10 years later, selling blenders door-to-door, with less than $300, he launched his first business, Froothie Australia. Unconventional marketing techniques, efficient logistical systems and a team of global contractors propelled Froothie to $1m in year one and over $10m in year 2, all bootstrapped.

Over the next few years, Mario would go through a crippling personal crisis that lost $1m and an accounting crisis that almost bankrupted his larget company. This was followed by a supplier breaching its indemnification agreement during a patent infringement case, costing the company over $2m. His second-largest company was scammed by the person he trusted and put as the face of the company. Mario was very private back then, always behind the scenes, and they capitalized on this and scammed him for ten months, nearly bankrupting the company, going through blackmail and threats as he fought through it all and in the midst of it all found out he had a non-cancerous tumor in his head. Fortunately, that is no longer a major issue.

The final event was the catalyst that triggered building his personal brand. Mario realized that making money is tough and you should learn to save it for rainy days. He also realized the importance of preparing for black swan events as well as the damage being caused by the amount of anecdotal advice given by other business influencers on various podcasts, courses and books, and that there is no formula for success in business.

Mario also learned to listen to entrepreneurs who replicated success on more than one occasion, demonstrating that luck had little to no role in the matter. He bootstrapped 3 businesses and counting, to the millions before having the audacity to start offering advice and speaking in front of the camera, on podcasts and events.

His experiences reinvented him as a person in so many ways, and he is leveraging his self-awareness and ability to connect with people through my energy and drive to reinvent the process of building and scaling businesses.

In 2019, Mario is launching a new venture, Zense, a company providing entrepreneurs insight on how to launch a successful business with a limited budget, as well as The 7 Figure Launchpad, the world’s first & only full-access business program.

Tune in to hear Steve, Mary and Richard chat with Mario about creating 7 figure incomes and how he went about bootstrapping several successful businesses.



In This Episode

The journey to his first business

There are people behind the door and the keyboard

Door knocking led to e-commerce

It’s all about balance

The big mistake

Tools for working with your team

Structuring the business

The power of marketing

What to do with an idea


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