Hanging out with us today on this live edition of Reinvention Radio inside of Club Pod is Alina Vincent, best-seller author and business and technology strategist. Alina started her career as a university teacher then she shifted into a photography business. But her first business was completely un leveraged. Don’t miss as Alina shares her story on how she got her business from zero to over a million dollars in just four years and as she engages with our live audiences questions about turning your expertise into money.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Anyone with any level of expertise can turn their expertise into money
  • Just being good at something is not going to get your clients
  • Three step process to get yourself a profitable business
  • Criteria in deciding your career path
  • Overcoming fears when creating a business
  • Choose one expertise, one platform and one specific strategy
  • What people greatly undervalue is their networks
  • Five Pillars of Leverage
  • When you are ready that’s when you should be doing it


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