Bob Serling, tired of the grind of copywriting, was looking for a way to help more than just one client at a time.

Inspired by IBM and the licensing of all their products to their clients he transferred this concept into a business of his own. A business that started with the writing of one letter that proved to be monetarily successful for one client. That same letter was then customized for another, and another and so on. The result? He had found the way to use a proven marketing campaign over and over again with many clients instead of having to create new copy from scratch each and every time.

Since then Bob has licensed dozens of marketing and business systems, toys, software, and insurance products. With thousands of customers also using his licensing methods to enrich their own lives. Today his vision is to show businesses that licensing the assets they already have is often more profitable than selling their own core products. Join him as he digs deeper into the topic of licensing with the RRCrew on this week’s episode of Reinvention Radio.

In This Episode

  • It started with the licensing of a letter
  • Every company has an inventor relations department
  • Make it once – sell it over and over
  • Build a track record and people will start approaching you
  • Will licensing work for “Podcast Magazine”?



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