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Soul-full Sunday on Reinvention Radio with Mary Goulet

In this episode, Mary shares a recent experience about her daughter Portia wanting to be picked up from school because she had a headache. Ultimately, Mary was able to get Portia admit she didn’t really have a headache, she was stressed over all the talk of finals at school. Because Mary stayed calm and silent rather than drilling her about what was really going on, Portia was more free to offer up information without being asked.

The crew goes into a discussion regarding the importance of being silent in certain situations. And how some of the best sales people have mastered “the pause”. Mary goes further into the energy around the silence — ask the question and let it be.

Steve questions how one can truly be “silent” and empty the mind, like with meditation. He struggles with turning his mind completely off. How do you really implement silence as a tool?



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