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Soul-full Sunday on Reinvention Radio with Mary Goulet

In this episode Mary leads the discussion around Taking Responsibility For A Better You. She shares a recent experience about her daughter, Sterling, deciding to get her driver’s permit and introducing her to self responsibility, easing her mind over taking the test, and becoming a driver. When we ignore our responsibilities we are letting ourselves down and continuing on a path of procrastination.

Steve initiates discussion around how you delineate between doing too much for a child to help them, as opposed to teaching them how to become self-reliant. Mary shares this is all about teaching them they are responsible for the outcomes and consequences of their decisions.

Richard introduces the question of choosing what to pass along as an entrepreneur.



“You gotta learn to drive the washer, the dryer, and the stove before driving a car.” – Mary Goulet



Growth only occurs at the point of failure.



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