Steve Olsher, Mary Goulet, Richard Otey
Celebrating our 100th Episode! 

Hilarious clips and commentary from our first 98 Episodes, all guaranteed to have you in stitches.  

In this episode we’ve chosen the “cream of the crop” to share with you, so tune in to hear Steve, Mary & Richard recap some of the funniest moments from the archives of Reinvention Radio.  Enjoy!

1 – Lisa Forbes, M. Shannon Hernandez; Sheniqua
2 – Mary & Math, Improved Memory, Indian Burn, Mary’s Stalker
3 – Steve’s Mullet, Wade-isms, Jenny & Rufus, Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner
4 – Date With Mary, Rich’s Name, Mary’s Rounded Eyebrows, Steve’s Great, Harry Dickey

Here are links to the full episodes of those referenced in the clips:

Reinventing Ex-Cons, with Lisa Forbes
Reinventing Your Identity, with M. Shannon Hernandez
Reinventing Social Proof, with Bret Gregory
Reinventing Music Therapy, with Tim Ringgold
Reinventing Rock Stars, with fiZ
Reinventing Rejection, with Andrea Waltz
Reinventing Improved Memory, with Dave Farrow
Reinventing Primal Desire, with Ginger Quinn
Reinventing Periscope, with Richard Otey
Reinventing 2016, with the Reinvention Radio Crew
Reinventing Mr. Bold, with Steve Olsher
Reinventing Accountable Kids, with Rufus & Jenny
Reinventing Pesky Thyroids, with Dr. Gil Kajiki
Reinventing Faces, with Michelle Butt
Reinventing Mass Influence, with Teresa de Grosbois
Reinventing Names, with Sharón Lynn Wyeth