Ted McGrath - Reinventing Your Message
Like so many young adults, Ted McGrath was on a path of destruction. At 21, he had secured a good position in the insurance industry. Though he was climbing the ladder of success in his job, his personal life was spiraling downward out of control. He really had to hit bottom before having his wake up moment. In this interview Ted shares with us his trial and tribulations of starting from ground zero and being led down a whole new path of serving others.

Ted now teaches (and makes MILLIONS by doing it!) others to turn their life story into a message that impacts others. Listen as Ted talks about his Good Enough Movement and how it pertains to people all around the world are missing their opportunity because they don’t feel Good Enough about themselves.

Tune in to find out how you can be a part of The Good Enough Movement!

1 – Rich Shaves His Beard; Porn To Put Livestream On The Map
2 – Path Of Destruction To The Wake Up Moment
3 – Everyone Has A Message To Share; Carrying Around The Shame vs Freedom From Sharing
4 – Unleashing Many Capabilities