Jennie Mustafa-Julock - Reinventing Your Inner Critic

Since birth, Jennie Mustafa-Julock has challenged the world around her. She refuses to color within the lines, stay inside the box or play by the rules, but by doing so has created a career and life for herself that suits herself and encourages others to do so as well.

Known as “Coach Jennie”, she hung out her shingle in 2006, dubbing herself “The Audacity Coach”. She calls herself the poster-child of Audacity and aims to make a big, badass splash in everything she does. She has helped some of the most brilliant, ambitious professionals around catapult their lives into the next level of awesomeness – and calls this Living Audaciously.

Coach Jennie is on a mission to shatter the status quo that life coaching has to be a spiritual, warm and fuzzy, woo-woo experience where you are coddled endlessly and given platitudes that make you feel good but take you nowhere. She feels this gives the title of “Coach” a bad rap. She’s  out to redefine the reputation of what great coaching can be – a swift kick in the ass so you realize much more potential, do extraordinary things with your time and energy, and be the best damn version of yourself possible.

TUNE IN to this episode to hear Coach Jennie discuss your inner critics, crazy thoughts in your head and how to differentiate the nonsense with Steve, Mary and Richard.



In This Episode

1 – Jennie From The Block; Dealing With Crazy Thoughts In Your Head; How To Differentiate The Nonsense; Who Is Hilda?; Why Personification Is Important
2 – Meet Richard’s Inner Critic Dick; When Dick Is Happy; Mary’s Inner Critic Is Nameless; The Hilda Slayer; Does Your Hilda Have A Theme Song?
3 – How Do You Shut Up Your Inner Critic?; Arrogance vs Audacity; She Had Gumption; Megan’s Success Story Of Reinvention; The Worst BS Beliefs


Best Line

“Luckily, I slapped that fool.” – Dick, Richard’s Inner Critic

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