M Shannon Hernandez - Reinvention Radio

Have you ever wanted to create a new version of yourself and, perhaps even, start over and take on a whole new identity?

If anyone knows about starting over and Reinventing Your Identity, it’s M. Shannon Hernandez. Shannon is the author of Breaking The Silence: My Final Forty Days as a Public School Teacher.
Get this… bookies, to whom her husband who owed tens of thousands of dollars, were coming after them for their money. She had no way out but to divorce a man she loved and begin an entirely new life. 
If that weren’t enough, years later, after 15 years as a teacher, she gave up her $70,000/year career to open her own business and leveraged her skills and passion for teaching to create an education reform movement. 
Tune in to find out about the latest reinvention she is undergoing… again… Really??!!


1 – Mary gets a raise; Chris Christie shuts down the bridge.

2 – The mob was not after us; I just needed groceries.

3 – M is for Mary; under investigation for hugging a group of kids.

4 – Why teachers are leaving; the framework is flawed.

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