Christina Daves and Kris Wittenberg - Reinvention Radio

In this episode we are Reinventing Women Entrepreneurs with two amazing women.
Christina Daves, owner of PR For Anyone, considered herself retired after closing her retail store. Little did she  know that shortly thereafter, a broken foot would lead her back into the crazy fray of being an entrepreneur and that her remarkable invention would reinvent an entire industry. 
Her good friend Kris Wittenberg is the mastermind behind One fateful day, a rude woman who would make Sandra Bernhard blush, led Kris to creating an ever-evolving movement that has now impacted tens of thousands of people across the globe. 
Tune in to find out how they each of these ladies turned a not so pleasant situation into its own profitable business venture. 


1 – All About Women; Thai Lei

2 – Christina Discovers Dave Matthews Band

3 – Diana Ross Wears Heal In Style; Logos on Lollipop Condoms

4 – The Oprah Effect; Gayle King Wears The Shirt

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