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At 55 years old, Raven Blair Glover, a/k/a “The Talk Show Maven”, had to turn her life around quickly so she could be there financially for her mom. So, while sitting at her mom’s bedside for 3 weeks in the hospital ICU, Raven taught herself how to do a podcast and interviews. In just a couple of months, she had created a business interviewing top influencers and creating products and courses from it, then immediately started teaching others how to do the same.

Raven is now celebrating 10 years of broadcasting and interviewing some of the worlds leading experts and celebrities, has become  a 3-time award winning talk show host, and is a former correspondent for CNN/CBS and other main stream radio stations. She created  a positive programming network and magazine for women and went from making $10 an hour to creating a 6-figure business from a 3-step interview process she created. She recently even invented a patented Fedora hat accessory.

Recipient of Universal 7 Radio Network’s “Talk Show Host of the Year” award in 2008, Raven has interviewed people such as Russell Simmons, Lisa Nichols, Montel Williams, Jack Canfield, Fran Dresher, Les Brown, Alex Mandossian, Wally Amos and Ali Brown, to name a few.

Raven’s current shows are, “Careers from the Kitchen Table” and “Women Power Talk Radio”. She is also an author of several books, including, Kitchen Table Radio Home Study Course, Broadcast Your Passion to Profits, How to Turn Your Telephone into a Cash Cow and Careers from the Kitchen Table National Home Business Directory.  She’s been featured on CBS, Hallmark Channel USA, OWN, CNN and more.

TUNE IN to this episode as Raven chats with Steve, Mary and Richard about her life, transition to the Talk Show Maven and how she mentors others on how to create multiple streams of income from their talk show or interviews.



In This Episode

1 – Can You Hear Her Smile?; Dad, Will You Build Me A Stage?; Raven’s Journey And The Sticky Notes; Avoiding Divorce With The Power Of Her Voice And A Gift
2 – Mistakes When Starting A Talk Show; Name Dropping And The Irresistible Ask; How To Find Your Own Voice; The Importance Of Branding And Michael Jackson
3 – The Irresistible Ask Explained; Getting Past The Gatekeepers; Do The “Thing” To Have The Power


“Step Up. Show Up. Grow Up.” – Raven Blair Glover, Talk Show Maven


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