Erin Smith

She learned the value and importance of hard work growing up as a midwest farmer’s daughter. She now teaches others how to do big things with basic ideas.

Erin Smith, of, is a former corporate American 20-something who dreamed of climbing the corporate ladder. She used to spend her time calculating how much money she’d earn if she kept receiving 4% annual raises. That is, until she read one book that changed her life forever. Want to know which book? Tune in! 

Erin says nothing breaks her heart more than when she sees someone wanting to do something, but they’re just so unsure of where to begin that they never start.

Tune in to find out how she turned a part-time ‘fun’ business into a six figure income and 12 employees… all while hanging on to her corporate America safety net. 

1 – Jared Fogle Is Done; Paris Attacks and Muslims

2 – Calculating Raises; Living In Fear

3 – What’s Hotter Than Periscope; What To Do With That Big Idea

4 – Look At Businesses That Are a Necessity; Criteria For A Good Business Idea


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