Dave Heath - Reinventing Socks

Dave Heath earned his BA at Babson College, where he majored in Marketing, Management and Entrepreneurship.  He was one of the founding employees at UrbanDaddy, where he led business development and subsequently served as Executive Director of Membership Opportunities at Vibe Media.

A serial entrepreneur, Dave has consulted and invested on startup businesses from concept, through launch and beyond and has been featured on NBC Today, ABC’s Shark Tank as well as Bloomberg TV.

In 2013, Dave and co-founder Randy Goldberg launched BOMBAS, a give-back company that donates one pair of socks for every pair purchased, to the homeless.  They had discovered that socks were the most-requested and most needed apparel item at homeless shelters and this was their opportunity to help.

They didn’t just decide to donate *any* socks, though. They spent two years testing and refining the socks and went even further with the ones they were going to give away, designing them  as optimally as possible to protect the feet of homeless, who can’t always change their socks every day, and may be on their feet much longer than the average person, and walking great distances. They designed incredible, stylish socks that are darker (because they don’t stain as easily and show less wear), that protect specific areas from blisters, handlinked seam across the toes, reinforced stitching in the heel, anti-microbial treatment and more.

TUNE IN to this episode to hear Dave talk with Steve and Mary about the value of humility and giving in business.


In This Episode

1 – The Goal Is To Achieve Massive Wealth; Socks Are the Most Requested Item In Homeless Shelters; Learn To Build A Business On Someone Else’s Dime
2 – Started By Looking At His Own Socks; Bombas Socks Are Produced Around The World; Buy One. Donate One.; Why Not Give The Homeless A Job?
3 – Humility Doesn’t Define Not Being Proud; The Bees Are Just Doing Their Thing; Bombassadors Help Spread The Word; Over 1 Million Pairs Of Socks Donated In Three Years

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