Tyler Culbertson - Reinvention Radio - Steve Olsher

We are Reinventing Skateboarding with Tyler Culbertson of Tumyeto. Learn how Tyler was able to translate the skateboarding skills he has mastered over the past 25 years into his everyday life and make it a solid career. But that’s not all!

Tune in to find out how he is giving back to the community and the industry — one skateboard at a time.
Grip it and rip it!

1 – Twerking Is Not A New Thing; Teens and Socks

2 – Danny Way, Skateboarders Emptying The Pools, Mongo Longboarders

3 – Skateboarding Is Not a Fad, It Reinvents Itself Across All Media

4 – ABD, NBD, and the Green Bay Packers Build a New Skatepark (Tyler’s social media offer!)

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