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Times they are a changing. Will we see a woman in the White House? Will it be Trump? While the answer is not yet known, what we do know is that our guest at NOON believes that the candidate who will win will be the one who is most comfortable living in full expression. 
Far too many people live their lives comparing themselves to others and trying to live up to unrealistic, often unattainable, standards. This doesn’t allow much room for authentic expression.
What if there was a way to align your external expression with your internal identity making your expression authentic at every dimension–voice, personality, color, style, texture and apparel?
Is that even possible? What does that even mean? Our first guest, color and design expert Danielle Fuhrman, says that not only is it possible, she has a tool that can help make it happen.
In this episode we are Reinventing Self Expression. Tune in… after this episode you may decide that a comb over and a pant suit will become your signature look.  


1 – Breaking Bad, Burning Man, and Let Your Freak Flag Fly

2 – First Impressions – It’s Not Who You AreIt’s WHAT You Are

3 – Presidential Debate; It’s Hard Not To Judge People

4 – Ensure You’re Attracting The Right Kind of Client

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