fiZ Anthony - Reinvention Radio - Steve Olsher

Imagine… John Lennon & Tony Robbins synthesized together and… voila! You have fiZ, The Motivational Rock-Star. His goal is to spread peace, love, and music!
From running with the wrong crowd to running on stage with some of rock’s biggest legends, fiZ shares his life’s trials and tribulations as both a musician and as a visionary who helps children in need through the “Healing Power of Music”. 
Oh, and did I mention he prefers doing the do with his boots on?! Are you ready to ignite your inner rock star?

1 – Schweddy Balls, Caitlyn Jenner, and Life After Death

2 – Music Is Your Soul Screaming At You

3 – The Healing Power of Music and  song by fiZ

4 – fiZ Brings Goodies; fiZ and Steve Concert – Let Love Rule


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