Scott Brandon Hoffman
With a tag line of “Live Your Truth. Laugh Your Ass Off” what more would you expect, right?

Scott has spent 20+ years DEEP in the personal development/spiritual growth worlds, along with Improv comedy, stand up, music and more. He has a passion for inspiring people to ROCK their OWN TRUTH, find their OWN voice, stop listening to all the noise, and use ALL of their passions/heart/soul and crazy ass voice in their projects, life, and business.

Tune in to find out how Scott became a millionaire at the age of 28 as a stock options trader and then walked away to pursue his personal quest for truth, purpose, and creative self expression. 

1 – Steve Stuck In Chicago; Mary Babysitting The Dogs; 2016 Excitement
2 – Living Your Truth; A Bitch Slap From The Universe; Quick Word From KC
3 – Bridge The Gap Of Self-Help In Hollywood; Get Huckleberry Finn Out Of Schools
4 – Quit Waiting, Quit Being Depressed; Meditate or Medicate?; Going Through Self-Help Hell