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12 years ago, emotionally and spiritually bankrupt, work-a-holic Kristi Ling burnt out, like so many of us do. Overdoing everything trying to do what everyone else thought she should be doing, she wasn’t happy. Add to that a catastrophic illness in 2008 that left her unable to work or even care for herself, the devastating loss of 2 childhood best friends and a divorce. 

After a total collapse of her world, all of those things she went through helped Kristi realize that she needed to take a good, hard look inward.  All of the adversity she had dealt with helped her focus on what happiness really is, that she was in control and to take 100% full responsibility for her own happiness.

Tune in to this episode as Kristi tells us her story, how she battled back, picked herself up and not only discovered what true happiness is, but how she put all that she learned in the process into a program to help make OTHERS experience the same true Radical Bliss she’s discovered, through her podcast and her new book, Operation Happiness.

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2 – Operation Happiness; Taking Responsibility, Not Blaming; Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself
3 – Happiness Shadow; Change Your Morning; Change Your View
4 – Coaches Coaching Coaches; Happiness Takes Work And Dedication