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Born in San Francisco, California, Jesse Krieger studied at UC Berkeley where he completed a Bachelor of Arts in Political Economy with a minor in Chinese Language Studies. In addition to his BA, he has completed degrees at the Los Angeles Music Academy, SAE Institute, Beijing Normal University and National Taiwan University.

When he moved to Nashville, Tennessee to study at the SAE Institute, Krieger met Jake Harsh and together with bassist Wade Jaynes and drummer Jonathan Smith, formed the Harsh Krieger band. This acclaimed Nashville modern rock quartet went on to have their music appear on the 2004 seasons of MTV’s popular Road Rules X-Treme and The Real World. Krieger and Harsh formed their own independent record label, Tabula Rasa, to release their eponymous debut album in May of 2005. Though the album was released by Tabula Rasa Records, it was distributed by Sony.

Shortly after Harsh Krieger’s single, “Home”, hit #1 in 2005, Krieger decided to shift focuses and founded Krieger Consulting Group, which providing business development and strategic consulting for a number of musicians and notable sports clients, including four-time Super Bowl Champion Bill Romanowski’s Nutrition sports supplement line.

In August 2012, Malaysian publisher, Kanyin Publications, released Jesse’s first book, Lifestyle Entrepreneur: Live Your Dreams, Ignite Your Passions and Run Your Business From Anywhere in The World. The book went on to hit #2 business best-seller in the largest book chain in Malaysia, Popular Books. With a reputation as a best seller in Asia, Morgan James Publishing picked up Lifestyle Entrepreneur for USA release and it hit #1 Personal Success book on Amazon in 2014.

Jesse’s been featured on Entrepreneur on Fire podcast, Business Insider, The New York Times, Side Hustle Nation and The Art of Charm podcast, to name a few.

TUNE IN to this episode as Jesse chats with Steve, Mary and Richard about what it takes to become a #1 best-selling author, while strategically positioning your book to build your business & grow your personal brand.


In This Episode

1 – He started a record label at age 21; Letting his creativity and curiosity run wild; He co-founded an SEO company, became an investment banker, and more; All roads led to creating an author centric publishing company

2 – Who has a book inside of them?; How do you package a book?; Who am I to…?; Who can I help?

3 – Get your checkbooks ready; They pay us, we don’t pay advances; How to get more eyes on your book


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