Jeanna Gabellini

She was once deep in debt, struggling to get clients and buying milk with her credit card. She watched other coaches take giant leaps in their visibility and profitability as their businesses soared into the high 6-figures while she couldn’t even pay her bills.

Sound too familiar?

Despite being one of the first coaches in the world — and the youngest — Jeanna soon learned that working hard didn’t equal a fat income. After a near breakdown, she found a way to stop pushing to get results. 

Jeanna says, “Most business owners try to choose their marketing strategies, business model and systems using only their mental mind. But it’s when you align your head, heart and inner guidance that the magic happens.”

Tune in to hear about the magic formula she found to nail six figures. And, how she kept increasing it year after year — while only working three days a week!

1 – San Bernadino Shooting; Chicago Boy Killed; Gun Control

2 – Popping The Blab Cherries; A Day In The Life Of Jeanna Gabellini

3 – Strategies For Gaining High Paying Clients; Creating Security & A Wealth Fund

4 – Define Conscious Entrepreneur; Coaching a Billionaire; Money Gremlins

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Steve: Well, here we are on another beautiful edition here of Reinvention Radio but I’ve got to tell you. I’m pissed.
Mary: Uh-oh, but you’re smiling.
Steve: I will stop smiling and I will start being pissed without the smile. What the f*ck is going on. Really. So, what exactly are we supposed to do here now? Like, do we just throw all these f*ckers in a Concentration Camp like they want to do with those Jews back in – like we did with the Japanese in World War II.
Mary: Right. Did the husband and wife die?
Steve: Yeah.
Mary: Okay, but there’s another guy out there?
Steve: I don’t get it. I really don’t get it. So, this guy according to his co-workers, one of those normal guys, just one of those normal guys. You would never ever ever expect this kind of behavior. The only clue at all was about two months ago or so supposedly he started growing a beard, one of like those…
Mary: It could have been the playoffs.
Steve: He could have been a hockey player, right? He could have been going for the Stanley Cup. Oh my God I don’t know. What are we supposed to do here? 21 injured, 14 dead. Are you kidding me? This is a week after Paris.
Mary: I know.
Steve: This is a week after Paris. And someone said – one of the politicians said we have to look at this as the new normal.
Mary: No, do not say that.
Steve: That is what he said. I forget which politician it was, but they said we have to look at this as the new normal.
Mary: And when we had one of these – I don’t think it was Paris. It was something before that. Obama was really mad and he’s like this can’t be…
Steve: This can’t be, right.
Mary: …the new normal.
Steve: And that’s what a lot of people…
Mary: But now we’ve already changed our minds on that?
Steve: There have been – and it’s frightening because there have been more “mass shootings” this year than days of the year. In other words there have been – every single day there has been, not necessarily on the same day, but every single day if you want to just count the number of days, the equal number of days of the year is not equal to the number of mass shootings there has been this year.
Mary: So, you’re from Chicago.
Steve: I am and I am so trying to get Father Pfleger here on this show. This is the guy who runs St. Sabina. He’s a white guy in the middle of the hood and when I say hood I’m not talking about like ghetto, that sort of thing, I’m just saying neighborhood because this is what goes on in the City of Chicago. You have all of these neighborhoods. The neighborhood where he is is a predominately black neighborhood where there is a shit ton of gang violence going on. Did you hear about what they did to a 9-year-old kid? Did I talk about that last week?
Mary: Is this in Chicago?
Steve: This is in Chicago.
Mary: No.
Steve: Did you hear about this, Rich?
Rich: No, I didn’t.
Mary: Is it going to make me upset?
Steve: It’s going to make you terribly upset.
Mary: Well, thanks. Why do I come here?
Steve: That’s the beauty of radio. I know. Why do you come to Reinvention Radio? I’m just like how on earth are we going to… They took a 9-year-old kid – ugh! It’s all gang stuff, right? It’s purely gang stuff. In retaliation for someone getting killed, they went after not the guy, although they ended up getting the guy later, they went after his f*cking son, his 9-year-old son and brutally murdered his kid. And literally just the kid had a basketball, he was in the park, they lured him into an alley and they killed him. I mean, what is wrong…
Mary: So, what is wrong with these guys? Are they going to blame it on the same old there’s no Dad in the household, it’s a broken family… I mean, what is the deal with all this hatred they have?
Steve: So, that’s what I’m trying to figure out. Is there a correlation in the communities? Is there a correlation at all here that we can point to? Is there anything at all that we can point to that says there is a common thread here that if we can figure out what that common thread is then we can solve the problems there and we can solve the problems with… And let’s just call it what it is. It is in the Muslim world that this stuff is taking place, and, again, it’s not all Muslims but there are certain Muslims that are going down this path. And, again, it’s not all African-Americans, but there are certain African-Americans who are going down this path.
Mary: So… Well, and they’re, somehow… Like people like from where I was raised in Minnesota, some of these guys were being trained by the ISIS group. They’re coming from all over the country.
Steve: Yeah.
Mary: But what is making them so hateful toward us?
Steve: That’s the question. And if you want to join in on the conversation… By the way, we’re Reinvention Radio here on a lovely day of…
Mary: Crapiness…
Steve: …oh my God. Literally, on my way in here I was trying to – I rode my motorcycle and I was trying not to go 150 to get to the microphone here. And thank you by the way for telling me that my license plate is falling off the back of my bike because I would….
Mary: It’s falling off the back of your bike.
Steve: I would never know because I don’t ever ride behind my own bike because I’m in the front of my bike. But if you want to join in on the conversation, it’s 866-977-2346. And yes, Richard, I will mute everybody here and I’m just trying to figure out this Blab thing still, so if you’re joining us on Blab, welcome. Rich, what else do I have to do here? I’ve got to click you there, what’s going on? Click you?
Rich: Yeah.
Steve: Click ya. I’m clicking you on that. It’s all technology. Right there. Rich Otey. And now I’ve got to make you a host. This is all so cool. Blab is a new thing and we’re going to make our guest today also a co-host…
Mary: Oh, good.
Steve: …which will be Jeanna Gabellini and we’ll have her in as well and she’s going to go like what the hell did I walk into? What sort of firestorm did I find myself walking into on this Thursday morning. So, welcome Jeanna when you come on here and… We’ll bring Jeanna on in a second. We’ll give her an opportunity here to gather her thoughts.
Mary: I thought you were going to yell at me.
Steve: No. I’m not going to yell at you. Never. I would never yell at you. Do I yell? I’m not a yeller.
Mary: No you’re not.
Steve: Okay, good. But I am a yeller now because I’m just pissed.
Mary: What does your wife think about this?
Steve: Here’s what she said to me. She said… First of all I didn’t really know what was going on. I was in Los Angeles the other day. There was a little conference networking there…
Mary: You were right there.
Steve: I was evidently pretty close to it. Didn’t really know what was going on. She called me and she’s like did you hear about what was going on in San Bernardino? And I was like, yeah, I kind of caught wind of there was some shooting and this, that and the other. She’s like no it wasn’t just a shooting. There’s like 14 people dead, 21 people injured, etc. and I was like – oh, my God, really. And the first thing she said was we’re probably going to end up having to take care of some of those.
Mary: Ohhh. Whoa.
Steve: Because she works in the southern California market here in the San Diego area and San Bernardino is not terribly far, and for those who have listened to the show before you know that my wife is a Licensed Funeral Director or a Funeral Director – I forget how they do it here in California, but she’s a funeral director that’s a pretty big sort of Flagship facility. Anything that goes on here in this well southern California region they end up with a lot of those folks. So, that was the first thing she said is we’re probably going to end up with a lot of those. Frightening.
Mary: Wow! When will she know? They’re probably in the Coroner.
Steve: Yeah, I would think so right now. But the worse part about all of this, and… You heard where this took place, right?
Mary: Yes.
Steve: Oh, my God, they’re taking care of people with developmental disabilities, as if they don’t have enough problems as it is.
Mary: Right? Well, and it was the people that were – they rented this Conference Center for their Christmas Party.
Steve: So, evidently there was some sort of beef. The guy left, came back with this woman, basically did their thing.
Mary: But they already had it planned.
Steve: They had to have had it planned. And to boot they found a pipe bomb. They found an unexploded pipe bomb not terribly far from the scene. So, yeah. So, they clearly had it planned. So, it’s not like this whole beef kind of thing they’re trying make it out like something happened at the Christmas Party and then they came back. There was something else that must have happened. And the guns, right? Is it the guns, is it the people, is it the bullets…? Guns don’t kill people, bullets do. Bullets don’t kill… It’s all that horseshit. They bought their guns legally. They bought their guns legally, from two separate gun dealers, one in San Diego and one in Corona. So, we’ve got all the sort of the backstops in place, we’re running all of the background checks, and doing whatever we’ve got to do, you recruit somebody who has a clean record, they go in, they buy it, they hand it to somebody who doesn’t, and then… How on earth are you…? What do you do? I mean, really. Do you just confiscate every single gun?
Mary: And they had massive amounts of rounds.
Steve: Do you just close every gun shop?
Mary: I don’t… No. I was talking to some high schoolers yesterday on the way home from school carpooling and it’s kind of like we’ve got to figure it out because prohibition, marijuana and now guns.
Steve: Yeah.
Mary: I don’t think you can say… It’s the innocent people that don’t have the right to protect themselves because they can’t conceal a weapon.
Steve: Yep. I guess depending on where you are because there are concealed carry states. I don’t know…
Mary: Right. Texas.
Steve: Rich is… Is California a concealed carry state, do you know?
Rich: I think it’s only under certain circumstances, like you’re a star or something like that. I don’t know the specifics, but…
Steve: Yeah. Man. Here’s where it gets really interesting. I had to get this off my chest. And Jeanna is like, oh my God what the hail storm did I walk into.
Mary: Right.
Steve: But we’re going to bring in Jeanna Gabellini here in just a couple of minutes, and that will be very, very interesting as we look to Reinvent Profit Strategies. And we actually have a sponsor. And I’m going to tell you all about the sponsor after the break here as well. And now my sponsor is probably going, holy shit! Like, what did I sign myself up for?
Mary: No, you isolated it into this segment.
Steve: Okay, so when we come back…
Mary: You’re going to be happy.
Steve: Here, everybody ready? [Breathing] Welcome back to Reinvention Radio. That is off my chest. I’m done. Now, we can go into more of the stuff that people actually want to tune into us for which is learning all about Reinvention, and we will be reinventing profit strategies with Jeanna Gabellini right after this.
Steve: Alright, welcome back to Reinvention Radio. Man, you know what? I’m so glad I smoke weed and I bring it everywhere I go because on the break there [unclear] even though…
Mary: You can do that?
Steve: I did it. It looked on the Blab studio camera like I was sitting here the whole time. That was actually like… You know those folks in California who like put the dummy in their front seat so it looks like they can do the carpool lane? Yeah. So, that was totally me right there. That wasn’t actually me sitting there. I went and pulled a few and then passed it to Rich along the left hand side…
Mary: You’re fibbing.
Steve: …and I feel much better now. So, we’ve got Jeanna Gabellini here as we’re going to be talking about reinventing profit strategies, and, as I said, we have an amazing sponsor, and I just want to make sure we give a shout out to our friends at The Mortar. So, you’ve all heard that apartment buildings can be a good investment done right. Investing in multifamily real estate can provide a nest egg for retirement. It could even set you free for the 9 to 5 corporate grind, which is what we’re going to talk to Jeanna a little bit about as well with project strategies. As you know real estate – you know, Mary, you’re in real estate.
Mary: Yes, I am.
Steve: Getting started is hard. So, would you like to learn how it’s done right from the pros? Well, check out The Mortar, where professional investor Jonothan Twombly will share his insider tips and strategies and it is all free. So, just subscribe to The Mortar at It’s what holds the bricks together, The Mortar. Okay, sweet. Awesome. Let’s bring Jeanna on right now.
Mary: At your own risk, Jeanna.
Steve: I know, at your own risk. Can you hear us? Are we good? Are you with us? Say hi. Hello. Try it again.
Mary: She’s podded up.
Steve: We’ll figure it out. We need Wade. Technical difficulties, calling once, calling twice.
Mary: There she is! [YAY!] Touchdown. We just celebrate minor victories.
Steve: Let’s be honest here. What would we do without White Wade? Really. If Wade wasn’t there to push the right buttons our show would be hosed. There’s like no in between about that.
Mary: We’d figure it out eventually.
Steve: Eventually. So, just that button for future reference, so we have to pick that one. Hi Jeanna, how are you?
Jeanna: Oh my God, I’m a Blab virgin, so I’m glad I’m over it. I was scared. I was scared, like oh my God… The first time technology I get like all like ohhhh.
Mary: We do that every week.
Steve: So, here’s what you have in common with someone that’s pretty famous. Have you ever herd of Simon Sinek, the guy who wrote Start with Why?
Jeanna: Yes.
Steve: Okay, good.
Mary: That was a delay.
Steve: We’ll get there. Jeanna was like – Simon… Maybe Jeanna smoked as much weed as I have because it’s like you ask me a question like 10 minutes later, I’m like, yes…
Jeanna: [Laugh]
Steve: So, we had Simon on and by the way if you guys are listening to the podcast here thanks for listening and check out that episode because that was pretty darn… What do you think, Rich? How was that episode with Simon Sinek?
Rich: It was cool.
Steve: It was cool.
Rich: The CEO of Blab even jumped on it.
Steve: The CEO of Blab even jumped on it. He got to 10,000 more – whatever those applaudy thingys are that you get here on Blab. He got that faster than anybody else…
Mary: Props.
Steve: Props I’ve ever seen. But here’s what we did for Simon, we actually popped Simon’s cherry for Blab.
Mary: Whoa!
Steve: And we’re not…
Mary: Do you have to say things like that?
Steve: Well, we just… See, it’s all good. She is no longer a Blab virgin. Simon is no longer a Blab virgin and we are responsible. So, I think that’s a good thing.
Mary: There you go.
Steve: Awesome. So, yeah, Jeanna.
Mary: So, Kelly, stop clapping for Mr. Bold.
Steve: No. Kelly’s cool. I love that
Mary: She’s like got involved like 12 of them.
Steve: I love that. That’s awesome. I am now up to 29.
Mary: [Laugh]
Steve: Alright. This is not cool. So, now Mary’s got 38. So, Jeanna, hi. Welcome to the madness around here known as Reinvention Radio. Jeanna’s like I bill at $3,000 an hour. I am so sending you a bill for this right now, Steve. It’s in the mail. So, for those who don’t know you, talk a little bit about who you are, what you do and why you’re joining us today. I know why you’re joining us, but give people a little overview in terms of who you are and what you’re doing.
Jeanna: Well, first I just want to say I love that you curse on this show.
Mary: Do not encourage him.
Steve: Go ahead, just get it out of the way.
Jeanna: I love that you said shit ton. That is like one of my most favorite phrases and it pretty much describes what I like to do. I like to have a shit ton of fun in my business. I like to teach other people how to have fun. That’s what you guys are doing here because I seriously think that inner game is the way to results because if you’re having fun all the greatest ideas come through, it’s where reinvention happens…
Mary: Did she hear the first segment?
Jeanna: Fun is #1.
Steve: Mary wants to know if you had us on mute in the first segment. I think that was the question.
Jeanna: I saw that but you’re still like – you guys are so you and you’re in the moment and it’s awesome.
Steve: Exactly. So, go a little bit deeper in terms of the work that you do, who you work with and specifically what is the day in the life of Jeanna Gabellini look like nowadays?
Jeanna: [Laugh] I get up to madness with children, once I get them to school my world is ah peace.
Steve: How many do you have by the way? You’ve got two, right?
Jeanna: I’ve got two crazy boys.
Steve: How old are they now?
Jeanna: They are 5 and 7.
Steve: Oh, my God, those are great ages. Oh, that’s fun. Those are great ages. Awesome.
Mary: It is. Wow.
Steve: So they leave and it’s like the drunks when they arrive on Bourbon Street. It’s like they turn the corner, they get to Bourbon Street, they’re like – ohhhhh. It’s like the angels just start singing and that smell – that smell of like urine and vomit and booze and beer…
Mary: Oh, lovely.
Steve: They’re like [inhaling] – ahhhh, I’m home. [Laugh] So, that’s what you do, Jeanna. So, you light the incense, you get the candles going and it’s like ahhhh I’m home, things are good…
Jeanna: It’s all good.
Steve: And then you turn around and teach people how to make money.
Jeanna: I do. I work with small entrepreneurs and we figure out where the system breaks down, you say you want to make this much money, why are you not making that much money and here’s how we get you there, and we usually shake things up but I start with fun and inner game stuff and they’re like – what? Give me some strategy, like what’s the sales pitch, tell me how to market… I’m like, hold on. Let’s back up the truck and I got to start up here because this generates everything else.
Steve: Yeah. And, so, how much… I guess the question that I have for you is how much of business success in your mind is just about… I guess, what’s the difference between sort of ability where people have natural born abilities, but also just in terms of like enthusiasm and attitude. Where do you think the two kind of mesh there? If you’re looking like a Venn diagram, how much of this is like enthusiasm and energy and how much of business success is like just ability?
Jeanna: I think it’s both.
Steve: That’s a Venn diagram by the way.
Mary: Yeah, I see that.
Jeanna: I know. He’s getting very sophisticated.
Steve: That’s the beauty of like the visual component now. I can actually do like visual things and people are like oh my God he’s even stupider than I thought.
Mary: I can actually see you. Yeah, that is a concern about Blab. We do let them see too much probably.
Steve: That’s funny.
Mary: You know what? Earl Nightingale in Lead the Field, he says attitude is the #1 component of success.
Steve: Isn’t he dead?
Mary: Yeah.
Steve: So, he had the wrong attitude. Why would you listen to that guy?
Mary: Well, he got old, that’s why he died.
Steve: But obviously, Jeanna, you agree. So, talk to us a little bit… And, by the way, you talk about expressions, how you like shit ton and that. You know what my favorite expression is now and my wife actually told me this. I can’t even… Can you imagine being a fly – actually you couldn’t be a fly on the wall in a morgue like that because that would be…
Mary: Weird.
Steve: …contaminated, that would be bad. But, imagine you were there, the thing that they’re throwing around right now at each other a lot that I find kind of humorous is ass hat.
Mary: What is that?
Steve: I don’t know, but I just love it. It’s like, you’re an ass hat. I don’t know. There’s so many different uses of that. I think that’s going to be my new thing, so I love that. And, so, Jeanna…
Mary: That was a sideways comment.
Steve: It was but she said – that’s like – she talked about one of the expressions that she likes. So, Jeanna, some of your clients, give us some examples of some of the folks that you’re working with, where they were when you started working with them and where you’ve been able to take them?
Jeanna: Alright. So, this is what I love about radio like this, so unscripted – it’s fun!
Steve: Wait. You didn’t get the list of questions? Oh, man! Kelly. We’re going to have to have a talk with Kelly.
Jeanna: [Laugh] So, this is what I love, like people come like in a swirl, like a swirl of dust, right? Like, eh, I need help, I need this, I need that, you’ve got to help me and what they think is wrong is usually different than what’s truly driving the chaos, and she said I’m not making enough money, like I have a line of clients out the door but I actually am not making any money, I’m not taking any vacations, my team sucks.
Mary: Oh, wow.
Jeanna: You always blame the team, right? It’s the team’s fault.
Steve: Yeah.
Jeanna: And I said, well, let’s check things out and when we check things out and we look through her numbers it’s just that she just wasn’t charging enough. She had like no system, so they were recreating everything every single week, and she’s stressed out. So, one of the things that we do is we look at, alright, let’s create a plan. How can you start a business without a freakin’ plan? I know you’ve probably seen this too. Everybody does it. They’re like, I have this thing I want to sell and let me just go do it and people will love it and people will say yes to me and give me money for it. It’s like, what’s the plan? Where are we going with this?
Mary: So…
Jeanna: What’s the amount of profits that’s going to feel good, what are the numbers, what’s actually profitable? Because the numbers – what you’re charging right now isn’t going to make you what you say you want at the end of the year because you’re going to end up with nothing. You haven’t even ran your numbers.
Steve: This helps to explain a lot.
Mary: Right.
Steve: So, now it’s all becoming crystal clear in terms like what my problem is because it’s like… So, wait a minute, so you actually have… There is actually a way…
Mary: You write them down…
Steve: There is actually a way to do these sort of things. Interesting, see?
Mary: So, do you back into the numbers? Let’s say, a person says okay I want to earn 200,000 this year. Then you back into each month and what they have to do to charge to get that in 12 months?
Jeanna: You know, yes. And then I’ll actually back up even further before we decide the number that they need to charge is – do you actually believe that you can do 200,000. Like, no shit. Like, you’re willing to put the steps in place. You believe that you can actually do this given how long you’ve been in this industry, what you know about how to market and get clients and what’s… It’s just like – how do you feel about it? Because there’s the people that get excited – yes! I can do it! And there’s that enthusiasm but it’s not grounded…
Mary: Right.
Jeanna: You can be excited about it but if it doesn’t truly feel real, like yeah, I want to nail that. I feel like I have a concrete plan and I can nail that, okay, we can do it. It doesn’t have to be month-to-month. It’s more about what are your proposed expenses, of course… The normal things that we know, what are our proposed expenses, how much do we need to charge to do this, but if you don’t believe any of it and you’re not excited about whatever the hell it is that you’re selling, you’re not going to have the motivation to do the things necessary to get the goal.
Steve: Absolutely. So, let’s do this. We’ve got to pay some bills around here, otherwise Wade gets mad at us, but when we come back we’re going to be talking to Jeanna Gabellini about a number of things, including the seven steps to high paying clients, so it should be pretty interesting.
Mary: And we’re going to get through those, Steve, all seven.
Steve: And we are going to get through all seven. Alright. More on Reinvention Radio right after this.
Steve: The board thing.
Mary: Stop talking to me.
Steve: We were talking about – what do they call that poo poo drink at – the thing with the volcano, the thing that they light on fire, a foo foo drink or a poo poo drink. There’s something they call poo poo platter… Whatever. Jeanna probably knows what the hell I’m talking about. Did you bring Jeanna back up too? See, look at you.
Rich: No, the volcano is the drink, the poo poo platter is a food.
Mary: And I’m on the shortest leash ever. Look at this thing.
Steve: I know. You’ve got to get a longer cord over there. Wade’s got you on a very short leash. [Laugh]
Mary: That’s true.
Steve: See, Jeanna knows what a volcano is, right? So, when I said volcano Jeanna – I can see the smile. You know what I’m talking about, right, Jeanna…
Jeanna: [Laugh]
Steve: That’s how we’ve got to do it. Just smile… Are you disconnecting me? Oh, no, I’m being disconnected, don’t disconnect me, Wade. So, Jeanna, before the break we were going to talk about a number of different things, but one of the things that I want to talk about was you’ve got obviously a lot of strategies around…
Mary: Seven.
Steve: Seven, I know, seven. But you’ve got a lot of strategies around how to build the business and to get more profitability going. Talk to us about the high paying client strategies because I know you’ve got some steps that you recommend people take. What are some of those seven steps? Or even all seven.
Jeanna: [Laugh] So, I don’t have those seven steps right in front of my face, so what we’re going to do is we’re going to do it just like we’re a client. Like, we all here we like to make money, right? Yes.
Steve: Yes. Exactly. Let’s do this. Rich is broke. So, let’s take…
Rich: Let’s do it.
Steve: …Rich through the process here. Rich is a client. What do you tell him? How do we get through this?
Jeanna: I say, Riiiiiiiich!
Rich: Hey.
Jeanna: What’s the number that’s going to get you more than enough money, not like enough but more than enough, like you have some left over – like a lot left over so you feel like cushiony.
Rich: Oh, man. Cushiony? Like right over the front? Let’s see. Let’s just say, I mean this is way more than enough. A million.
Steve: Damn. You’re a greedy bastard aren’t you? God damn, Jesus!
Mary: [Laugh] That’s why I’m hanging out with him.
Rich: She just started with the context earlier…
Steve: That’s what you need for a cushion?
Rich: She said more than enough, super cushy, like she…
Steve: We’ve got to work on your expenses, man. [Laugh]
Rich: No, no, no, no, no. Well, I mean, to keep in context with your first thing you were saying earlier. You were saying if you’ve got to believe it in your head too, so that’s part of how I feel about affirmations. If you don’t believe it and subconsciously you’re saying bullshit, like they’re actually messing you up I think. So, anyway. You said more than enough cushy, so I’m saying a million. Otherwise we could make another money.
Jeanna: Okay.
Steve: Actually, if you’ve met Trish I got to say probably a million is about right. She’s got fancy taste, so…
Rich: A half a million.
Steve: Alright. We’ve just cut Trish’s budget by half.
Mary: Right. Or paying too much.
Jeanna: Don’t listen to Mr. Bold. I think, yeah, keep your million. You don’t need to cut it down. Because I also think a big number is better, just because when it feels realistic and it’s a number that we actually need, like, hey, I need to buy that new house and we need a down payment so I need to make an extra 50 grand this year. And all of a sudden you’re on pins and needles and you’re like shit, it’s not happening, and you’re watching the bank account, there’s all this judgment happening, and all of a sudden there becomes a lot of pressure. And I think when we’re focused on money we got to be expansive, we have… It has to be fun! And when I say fun I mean like the making of it’s got to be fun, you have to be with your curiosity hat on like how the hell is this going to happen? That’s just a huge number. I’ve only made like 250,000. That number’s so far out there, so it actually lightens things up because there’s no pressure. So, do you feel any pressure when you think a million bucks?
Rich: No. I don’t feel pressure.
Steve: Yeah, and by the way I’m pretty sure that the security hat is going to be a lot more comfortable for you than the ass hat. [Giggle]
Mary: You just had to work that in, didn’t you?
Steve: She said…
Rich: I definitely could picture having fun with a million too.
Steve: I can picture having fun with your million. There’s no doubt about that.
Jeanna: And usually… Wanting money for the sake of money is usually not super exciting, so we usually have to connect the dots to well what am I going to do with the money? Like, I make my clients create a wealth plan, like what do I need… If I got… If everything came up to speed and I was going to create security for myself, what do I need to handle? So, like, in my case when I first had kids I was extremely worried that I wasn’t saving enough money for a kid’s college fund. So, okay, I’ve got to make more money because I do not want my kids to be in debt and I don’t want to go in debt when it comes time for college and I don’t want money to dictate what college they go to. I want them to be able to choose. So, we all need to… What is that number that we need for security? What would I be putting in place, not just savings, but what do I need to buy, like office equipment? Like, in my house I have a three-bedroom house. I work from my home, I’ve got two boys. It’s insanity. So, I keep (all 30:26) my contractor husband – dude, we’ve got to build the cottage down the hill. That is security for me. I’m in the house, these kids are nuts, and we need more room. So, there are things that we need for security and then there’s the things that we need okay, once we feel calm, cool, and collect, what’s important to us? We need to be connected to that, otherwise we won’t do what we need to do to get to the million, and we won’t work on our mindset because our mindset is totally going to mess with this, and it’s going to be the #1 thing that’s going to get in our way is our mindset. So, when you think about your million dollars, what you might do – you don’t have to tell us, but – like can you connect the dots?
Rich: Oh, yeah. Definitely.
Jeanna: Like, yeah, I know exactly what I would do.
Steve: I was going to say by the way, if you’re just joining us here, thanks for tuning in live with us. We are talking with Jeanna Gabellini of, and I love that name and by the way it’s So, Alright, so, Jeanna, you’re taking Rich through how to get to the million. Please keep going.
Jeanna: And then I would start looking at, alright, what do I have to offer, what do I have to sell like in terms of my most favorite things to create and deliver because if you are selling something and you think – it’s so like lame, it’s not really like the best I can produce if it’s a product… Like, right now, I have an app that people can go download on iTunes or whatever and it’s not functioning right now. It’s totally embarrassing. I want to pull it off the market until we get the upgrades. Because when people are going to get it they’re going to think this is a piece of shit. I want to give it a bad review. And so, we have to always be looking at what are we promoting and do we feel good about not only what we’ve created but in the delivery of it, and what are some fun ways that we can create to get from Point A to Point B? Like, in my industry and I know that Mr. Bold does something similar. We have things called online launches, and in our industry people like want to slit their throats when they do an online launch. They’re like – Oh my God! This is so stressful! And the team goes crazy and everybody goes crazy. When I first heard of these online launches I thought why would I do that? That sounds like hell. I never would have put myself through that. And I don’t care how much money I made. It sounds like terrible.
Steve: Now you do four of them a year. [Laugh]
Jeanna: Exactly. But the reason why I was able to transition into that I said, I don’t ever want to do one, and my marketing guy said well the only reason those people feel stress is because they don’t plan. And I thought oh, really, I can plan. And I said, alright I’ll try one. I said, but only if you promise that we can do it and have fun. And he said, oh, totally. And then we just let our creativity go nuts on what are all the different cool ways that nobody’s ever seen that we can offer in this online launch. And every time I made a decision about that launch, one of my goals, because it was my first time and I didn’t know what the hell I was doing, the number that sounded crazy to me was I want to make six figures in this launch. And I’ve never made six figures in anything I had done in one little chunk right up front. And… So, every decision I made I said is this decision I’m making going to get me closer to $100,000? Because often we want to be cheap asses.
Steve: Yeah.
Jeanna: We do. I do too. I want to – like, oh, it’s going to cost this much for a video production. Oh, I can get away with not doing video production. Let me just film it in my friend’s backyard when we do these video productions. So, we have to continuously ask is what I’m saying, is what I’m investing in going to lead me to that $100,000? And is this going pro or am I playing small and doing the same old things that I’ve already done? Because if I keep doing the same old things I’ve always done, I’m never going to make six figures. I have to up level every single thing I’m doing, both here and strategy.
Steve: Yeah, for sure. And talk about like – I guess the best word is alignment or congruency because like if you want to have business that generates a million bucks and you’re walking around looking a grand, it’s like – there’s probably going to be at least in terms of the mind of your potential customers, your clients, etc., how much does looking… Like, you just talked the video, right? Like, cheaping out, right? And so if you want to have a million dollar launch, if you’ve got thousand dollar videos, that might not cut it, right? So, how do you feel sort of about this whole congruency and alignment side of the equation? If Rich wants to get to that point of making a million bucks, what does he have to do to convey that to the world?
Jeanna: I don’t think it’s necessarily about what we are putting out on the outside. I think it’s absolutely what we’re conveying here. I launched a Mastermind one year where it was a high ticket item and I just wanted a few people. I just wanted about 10 people, but it was right when I was going to have baby #2 and I thought – I’ve got to leverage my time. If I don’t leverage my time I’m just not going to be a good Mom and I’m not going to continue to keep making more money every year. But I was so attached to this thing working I had not one person sign up. And from the outside I did all the right things. I had a marketing coach taking me through all the steps. It was pristine. Not one person freakin’ bought. I had my little morning session where I was like – Oh my God what am I going to do? I’m never going to make enough money, and it’s just going to suck, and my business is tanking and I just made up all this shit, and three days later I got myself together, got my head back on straight, and all of a sudden I said you know what? I’m going to find a way. I’m so attached to this single strategy being the way I just got to open myself up. Every year I make more money than the year before and I’m sticking to that. That’s going to be my mindset.
Mary: Nice!
Steve: Yeah, and you’re doing this working three days a week, right?
Jeanna: I probably work more now because… I work about five days a week but I have to work minimal hours because of the kid thing. That’s a whole different routine. But I definitely work about less than 30 hours most weeks.
Steve: Wow, that’s awesome.
Jeanna: And once I release the attachment to making that money, that specific way and in that specific timeframe, it was like all these incredible things happened where I ended up having my biggest month ever and it had nothing to do with marketing. So, I think it all comes from here. It’s like you can talk to a client and you can know they’re the right fit and they won’t say yes and you can’t understand why and there’s usually something in you that’s desperate, feeling not worthy, you’re just not aligned with the outcome that you say. It’s everything. It is everything because we speak different, we act different when we’re aligned with that goal.
Steve: Yeah, absolutely.
Jeanna: And we know it’s a shoe-in. It’s like, hell yeah I’m doing that million. Got this.
Steve: Okay, let’s do this. Let’s take a break, pay a couple more bills around here, let’s talk conscious business and conscious entrepreneurs with Jeanna Gabellini right here on Reinvention Radio.
Steve: We’re too busy chatting to each other…
Mary: Seriously.
Steve: Oh, by the way our mics are not on. The joys of live radio. Awesome. And, yes, Jeanna Gabellini, you are being filmed whether you like it or not and what we didn’t tell you is that actually from now on – actually from this point forward in your life once you’re a guest on Reinvention Radio you are always a guest on Reinvention Radio. It never ends. So, the camera literally will just follow you no matter where you go. Let’s do this. But, what I want to figure out though, there’s all this talk out there about sort of like this whole movement of conscious business and conscious entrepreneurship and all that stuff. What does that actually mean and does that by sort of definition – does that really imply then that the other businesses are not conscious business or they’re not conscious entrepreneurs? Just – I’ve always been really kind of curious about that. What’s your take?
Jeanna: [Laugh] I don’t know.
Steve: You don’t know. Perfect. Welcome to my world. Exactly. Okay. So, let’s talk about Mary’s date then tonight…
Mary: Oh, brother!
Steve: We’ll talk about that later. But seriously.
Mary: See what I mean, Jeanna?
Steve: I know and every week you come back, which is so awesome. But, no, you do talk about conscious entrepreneurs in terms of those are the folks that you work with. So, hell it’s in your bio, so what does it mean?
Jeanna: [LAUGH!] I’ll tell you what. I know people use it loosely but what I mean by that is we’re really paying attention to inner game and there’s a connection to probably some spirituality and we really care deeply about impacting the world, not just making money. Like, making money is very good, don’t get me wrong, and there’s this bigger purpose in play.
Steve: Gotcha.
Jeanna: And when I mean conscious, I mean we’re not just floating through wham bam thank you ma’am with the things that we’re doing in our business. We’re actually being very intentional and we’re taking time out to pause and we’re connected, me and you.
Steve: Yeah. I’ve gotcha. And one of the things that I find to be so interesting, and you actually talk about this a bit is you’ve got clients that by all definitions I mean they’re doing really, really, really well and have like a lot money but even then they’re still concerned about the finance side of the equation. How do you kind of address that mentality? Stop turning me down. How do you address that mentality… Mary’s just playing with the board… Quit it!
Mary: Steve is on four.
Steve: I’m on four, everybody else is on like eight. Alright, I got it. But how do you address like that line in the sand kind of thinking where people are just like oh, man, if I just had a million in the bank then like everything would be great, but then they get a million in the bank and they’re like, oh, man, I need five in the bank… How do you kind of work your clients through that?
Jeanna: It’s true. I have a person who literally hired me to help her with Abundance and she is a certified – I’ve gone and done the research, she’s a billionaire. And because…
Steve: Wow!
Jeanna: …we are constantly expanding what we can tolerate in terms of like just wealth coming to us, and I don’t think it’s about the dollar amount. I mean, I’ve made – I thought six figures when you’re a teenager, when I was in my early 20’s – man, if I make six figures I am rich! I was so not rich. I got six figures and I’m like I feel just as broke as I did before because we’re not really working on the inner game and we’re still making choices based on that very limited thinking, and it’s scarcity thinking. We’re worried that we’re not going to get what we want, and it has nothing to do with money. It has to do with what we feel that we can create out in the world. It’s the little things. It’s not… Like, a billionaire client obviously doesn’t worry about – oh, am I going to be able to afford something. It’s, am I going to still get what I want? I’m afraid the money is going to go away. Is this a fluke? I know I felt that way too. The first (inaudible 42:42) really good. I thought – oh my God, what if this all goes away tomorrow? Don’t get too happy.
Rich: How do you feel confident teaching a billionaire? You know what I mean? And I mean that in a…
Jeanna: It’s true.
Rich: How do you work on the confidence to be like oh wow I can teach a billionaire how to make more money?
Mary: Do you make a difference?
Steve: Yeah, how does she get qualified, right?
Rich: Because obviously you believe.
Jeanna: Totally. There’s several clients I have that make way more money than me, multi-millions. I am not a multi-millionaire even. Because it’s not about… They’re not… What they really need to do, all they’re really doing is giving themselves permission to feel safe and know that they can continue creating. Whatever you’ve created, if you’ve created it once, you can create it again. You can rely on that. Nobody can take that away from you. We know that we’ve seen many examples of this – Donald Trump, right? But it’s true. If you’ve created it once you can create it again, and if you create it 100,000 you know what that feels like and if you just times it by 10 it’s not like it’s harder, it’s just a little bit smarter, and it’s not even still about strategy, it’s about expanding what you believe is possible. And that’s a great question about how do you coach somebody who makes way more than you? Because it’s not about strategy. It really is about what you’re feeling in here. And I can spot scarcity a mile away.
Steve: I’ll tell you, Rich, I don’t know if you know this or not but I work with male models a lot and I help them to feel like I look handsome and those sort of things…
Steve: …and so I have it mastered because even though I’m not a male model I can still teach them how to feel confident and work with their chiseled jawlines and flexing pecs and so on. Very cool. Are we talking about money gremlins here, Jeanna, because I know that’s one of the terms you throw around and I love that. So, what is a money gremlin?
Jeanna: It’s like all the lies that you say to yourself, like it’s going to go away, I’m not smart enough, I can’t handle it. I know a big one is getting money is attached to intelligence for many of us and it’s attached to how much action can we produce in a day. Like, if I can just get this stuff done and put all these things in place and just work a little bit more then I’ll get there. It has nothing to do with how much action you can pack in a day that’s for sure.
Steve: And you’ve got a book that you put out along with one of our mutual friends, Eva Gregory, correct?
Jeanna: Uh huh. Yeah.
Steve: What is the name of that book and where can people grab it?
Jeanna: The Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction with Ms. Eva Gregory and Jack Canfield, and Mark Victor Hansen…
Steve: We’re not name dropping at all now are we?
Mary: No.
Steve: Geez.
Jeanna: It’s just true. That’s a great example. Let me just talk about that for a second because Jack Canfield in the human potential industry is a huge dude, like everybody wants a piece of that guy because he’s got great reach. I used to have a radio show back in the olden days out of San Francisco and I saw him and I wanted him to be on the show and I went and asked him, and I thought I don’t want to go ask him. I’m going to be like another groupie trying to get his attention. We had him on the show. He called us after the show and said oh my God what are you guys on, you’re so happy! And he’s like – I want to be your friend. I’m like holy shit… And the next thing you know, we’re writing a book together. If I would have tried to make that happen, it would have taken me months and years if I even go to it. And it was just all about that heartfelt connection. And I always said I’m never going to write a book – that sounds so hard – unless I co-write it.
Steve: Very cool. By the way, here’s how you know if you’re like a really close friend of Jack Canfield. He invites you over for chicken soup. Like, that’s how you know. Hey, thank you very much. I’ll be here all day. Alright, Jeanna, we’re going to let you go now. If people want to get a hold of you they go to, is that the best place?
Jeanna: That is the best place. We’ve got tons of free resources, and don’t forget peace is spelled P-E-A-C-E.
Steve: Exactly. Very, very, very cool. Alright, Jeanna, peace out! Very cool. So, thanks, Jeanna, I really do appreciate your being here on Reinvention Radio today and in the next hour if you’re staying with us live, thank you for doing that. If you want to call in, it’s 866-977-2346, you’re going to hit #1 on that. We’re going to keep running here on Blab and stick around with us in the next hour we’re going to have a pretty interesting show with Emily Filloramo. I don’t want to butcher her name. She’s going to be like – after all these years you still can’t pronounce my name.
Mary: You do have a name thing.
Steve: I do have a name thing. It’s like I can’t get the name thing right, but that’s why I have you and I don’t know what you’re doing. We’ve got to get you off of the computer.
Mary: I’m on Blab.
Steve: You’re on Blab, okay. I got it. So, you’re just looking at yourself. You’re going, do I look good for tonight? Am I ready?
Rich: Sponsor…
Mary: Sponsor.
Steve: Okay, so Reinvention Radio today and of course I just hit the wrong thing here but I will just go by my knowledge… I’ve got that knowledge.
Mary: You’ve got 20 seconds to tape into it.
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