Ginger Quinn

If your relationship lacks passion and you want to relive and maintain how you felt when you first started dating, we have the cure!

In this episode, we will be Reinventing Primal Desire with relationship expert and creator of Ravished! Unleash His Inner Caveman, Ginger Quinn.

Ginger mentors women on how to gain a huge advantage in the bedroom and will guide you towards keeping your intimacy smokin’ hot.

Tune in to discover the secret to getting your man to eat out of the palm of your hand. Surprisingly… it’s not manipulation, it’s science.


1 – The Band Is Back Together; Nutella On Eggos Causes a Riot

2 – Emasculating Our Men; The Women Have To Change

3 – Women Are Running The Show And Cut Off Their Sexuality; Mind, Body & Emotional Confidence

4 – 20-25% of Women Can’t Orgasm Through Penetration–And It’s Okay!

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