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In this episode we are Reinventing Pill Pushers with pharmacist and intuitive coach, Mary Sheehan, of Prescriptions for Happiness.

Mary suffered from lifelong depression and anxiety… a way of life that is surprisingly the norm in the world of pharmacists. It literally took getting hit by a truck to snap her out of her funk and propel her into her new endeavors. 

As a result, she developed programs designed to help her fellow pharmacists and medical professionals live a happy life and positively impact others. Guess what happened?

Many of her peers and associates shunned her. Yep. Turns out a whole bunch of ’em would rather be rich than happy… and have no interest in figuring out how to have both. 

Tune in to find out why 50% of pharmacists hate their job while acupuncturists, chiropractors and homeopaths love their work, their clients and their life. I’ve got my happy pills ready!

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4 – No Pills For PTSD; Take Care Of Ourselves First

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