Liam Austin - Reinventing Online Events

Liam Austin earned his Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Marketing at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. It was there that his passion for entrepreneurship became apparent. He was tasked with growing strategic partnerships for one of the top tech startups in Sydney, Soulmates Technology. For several years, he managed to juggle the demands not only of being a student and running his own businesses, but also being a professional football (soccer) player in national competition.

In 2008, Liam was running a British startup team out of Barcelona, Spain. He was tasked with taking a tiring print publication into the digital age and launching an events program. He reached out to other entrepreneurs for guidance and advice and soon realized that these people whom were generously giving their time had their own commitments. They couldn’t always answer questions, and they  couldn’t always be there when needed. He knew he must expand this group of mentors and advisors so that he could get the right advice when he needed it.

Liam took his innovation in business to, where he built a community of 100,000+ small business owners and entrepreneurs with the “Small Business Network”. He has been featured in magazines such as Inc, BRW and The Australian, as well as in multiple other publications including BRW, The Australian, Inc, Startup Smart, Real Estate Business, Property Observer, was ranked in the top 5 startups at Sydstart 2014 and placed first at the “Skillsapien Pitch to Silicon Valley Series 2014”, winning a trip to Silicon Valley.

Liam’s online small business community, Entrepreneurs HQ, invites experts to cover key topics of interest to an audience of 100,000+ small business owners and entrepreneurs. He works with key partners to help promote the events, giving free value to audiences whilst partners benefit from exposure and revenue.  Recently he grew his email list by 15,000 through online training events in less than 2 months.

TUNE IN to this episode to hear Liam talk with Steve and Mary about online events and building online communities.


In This Episode

1 – It’s Winter Time In Australia; Fosters Is Our Budweiser; Spain Was Struggling When He Arrived; It All Started With The Small Business Network Group On LinkedIn
2 – What Are Online Events? Events Are Free To Attend With Upgrades; Online vs Offline Event Revenue Models
3 – Video Success Summit; Why Would You Pay For Free Info?; How It Works With The Speakers; Online Summits Are Not Dead


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