Doberman Dan - Reinventing Neurohormonal Copywriting
Hailing from Barberton, a tiny town in Ohio, Doberman Dan tried several different career options before he decided copywriting was the gig he really wanted. He was a cop for 12 years, a musician, and focused on several other niche areas before stumbling upon direct response marketing and found out it was his passion and he was really great at it. Direct response advertising or marketing, as defined by Dan, is advertising that “asks for a response”.  

A huge turning point in Dan’s career was being fortunate enough to work side by side with renowned copywriter Gary Halbert, for a year and a half. Gary had an amazing, creative mind and was a genius with words. They were even roommates for 3 months in Costa Rica!

Over the years, Dan’s specific niche area has been bodybuilders, or the “muscle-head” market. His ads or articles have appeared in MuscleMag International, Flex, Muscle & Fitness, Penthouse, Men’s Edge, IronMan, Muscular Development, Reps!, Exercise For Men Only, Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness, The National Enquirer, Weekly World News, and many other newspapers and magazines.

Tune in to this episode to hear Doberman Dan explain to Steve and Mary what “Neurohormonal Copywriting” is, how Dan went from being a Cop to a Copywriter, and how to balance fear vs. aspiration when writing headlines.

1 – Episode 99; Steve’s Idea Of Green; Drinking Facts
2 – From Cop To Copywriter; Getting Sand Kicked In Your Face; It’s All About The Hook
3 – What’s The Big Idea? Fear Vs Aspiration In Headlines
4 – It’s Titillating; Down Dan; Neurohormonal Copywriting – The Brain And The Hormones