Sharon Wyeth

Did you know that your first name represents the essence of who you are as well as how you think, feel and behave?

Did you know that your last name represents your family beliefs and how you were reared?
It’s crazy to think that the letters in your name, and even how those letters are arranged, can reveal so much about you.

In this episode, yep… you guessed it… we are Reinventing Names with Sharón Wyeth. 

Sharón is the author of Know The Name, Know The Person and creator of Neimology®. She developed an amazing system after 15 years of research and three full years of testing.

1 – Kardashians Are Going Down; Lamar And The Love Ranch

2 – What Is Neimology? (Caller Rodney)

3 – What Do Our Names Mean? Kelly, Richard, Wade

4 – Wade’s A Talker; Steve Remembers It All; Harry Dickey Alone In A Room

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