Tim Ringgold - Reinvention Radio

Did you know that music therapy is a proven, powerful agent for physical and emotional change?

You bet! More than ever, music is being used by medical professionals to address the physical, emotional, psycho-social, cognitive, and spiritual needs of patients. 

In this episode we are Reinventing Music Therapy with Tim Ringgold.  Tim is one of only 6,000 board certified music therapists in the United States and delivered the first TEDx talk on music therapy in 2012.

He holds a certificate in NICU music therapy and is a certified Remo HealthRHYTHMS facilitator. Remo what?

Tune in to find out how he has combined his clinical knowledge and personal journey to offer an incredibly unique and powerful service that benefits babies who are still in the womb to the elderly who are in the final days of life.

1 – Butt dialing, beer o’clock. Mary’s new book: 12 Weeks To Burnout: Life With Steve Olsher

2 – Music Therapy for all ages. Make music in the present moment.

3 – Bella’s story and song

4 – It’s all about the voice. If you want music you have to make it.

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