Steve Olsher - Reinvention Radio

39,000,000 people in California but there’s only ONE Mr. Bold. Who? 

You’ve been listening to his friendly banter, his somewhat twisted humor, and his often surprising opinions for weeks now, but do you really know who our host with the most actually is?

Tune in as co-host Mary Goulet dismantles Reinvention Radio with an up close and personal interview with Mr. Bold himself — Steve Olsher — as we are Reinventing Mr. Bold.

Buckle your seat belts and pump up the volume. You don’t want to miss this episode!

1 – Crowns, Root Canals and Coach; Getting Things Off Your Chest

2 – Who Is Mr. Bold? Where’s The Liquor?

3 – Blinded By The .Com Light

4 – You Are The Solution To Someone Else’s Problem

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