Michael Burke

At 16 years old he was told he wouldn’t live to see 18 due to a chronic illness. And now, Mike Burke, The Motivation Medic and author of Waiting To Die, Running To Live, is in his mid-40s.

Mike learned to eliminate self limiting beliefs by taking on the additional challenge of running marathons with a body that works counterproductive to the three obsessions of endurance athletes. 

He has now run 9 marathons, 15 half marathons, an Ironman and hiked 100 miles. All while taking 10,000 pills per year and 500 hours of therapy just to keep his body functioning. By running he learned how to keep a high motivation and adapt to the on-going challenges both physically and emotionally.

Mike believes if we are to embrace challenges as leaders in our work-life, family life and community we must have deep motivation to endure through adversity with purpose. 

Tune in to hear his incredible story of overcoming challenges and bravery.

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