Kevin Huhn - Reinventing Midlife Dreams

Kevin Huhn is known as the “hockey-ologist”. Kevin uses his advanced hockey experience training and coaching many different levels of athletes, combined with over 20 years as a business consultant and relationship manager, to inspire and help business owners grow their bottom line.

Combining his years of experience in hockey and corporate Canada, he shares the secret to ensure long term success for anyone in business.  He identified a process improvement for a global software company that helped save them $500,000 on their indirect spend just in Canada.

Kevin is also an author and has written two books, runs two businesses and published a specialty training program for team managers in hockey.  He produced a TV and radio show that both aired in the US and Canada. As a public speaker, he has spoken and presented in Canada, the USA, New Zealand an Australia.

Last year, Kevin and his family decided to take a year off to explore Canada, from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Their journey was about discovering the people, the land, the food and the cultures that make up Canada’s diversity. What started out as a journey for Kevin and his family became an inspiration for other Canadians to live their dreams. He took this opportunity to do some soul searching to figure out what his “what” is – and found it. Kevin wants to inspire others to be the best they can be. If he only reaches one person – he is fulfilling his mission.

TUNE IN to this episode to hear Kevin talk with Steve and Mary about why we focus on things that we don’t have and how to turn that around.


In This Episode

1 – Life As I Know It vs Is There More; Wayne Gretzky’s New Chapter; He Left a $100k Job For a $30k Hockey Job; What Is Possible In Life
2 – He Failed Senior Year, Filed For Bankruptcy, And Got Divorced; Learning To Respect The Earth; Life Is Not What I Thought It Would Be
3 – Funding The Trip Across Canada; I’ll Be Happy When I Go Get This vs Go Do This To Be Happy; Tips For Getting Started Toward Change; Stop Focusing On What You Don’t Have

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