Ava Diamond - Reinventing Mental Fitness

Ava Diamond, LCSW is a psychotherapist, mental fitness coach, and professional athlete.  Painfully shy as a child, as she puts it, she lived from a place “behind my mother’s legs”.  For her, it was a safe place to watch from.   At the age of 12, she decided that she was done with hiding and looked for a mentor – a peer who could help her reinvent herself.  With the help of that young person, Ava reinvented herself, completing her bachelors at USC and then earned her Masters at Columbia University in NYC.

Dealing with personal challenges in her 30’s, Ava began a physical transformation when she began bodybuilding. At first it was a hobby, but by age 47, she took it to the competition stage and then to the Pro level.  Her passion for the human condition fueled her creation of  her powerful Mental Fitness Coaching program, called the “Two C’s of Success: Clarity and Conviction.”

Mental fitness blends psychotherapy with strategies to overcome challenges and traumas en route to becoming your authentic self, allowing you to live in concert with your true values, passion, and interests. Traumatic experiences are stored in the right side of the brain where there is no time or language sequencing. As a result, if trauma is not dealt with in an appropriate way, it will remain an underlying influence in how you see the world and how you make your choices in your life.

Ava continues to grow her Coaching business through experiential learning seminars, 1:1 clientele, and her books that are coming out this September and early Fall.

TUNE IN to this episode to hear Ava chat with Steve and Mary about barrier breakthroughs and empowering yourself with flexible discipline.


In This Episode

1 – We All Have A Degree Of Crazy; A Reinvention Prodigy; Flattery Gets You Everywhere, Sometimes; Taking The Healthy Risk
2 – Fat Shaming On Social Media; The Value Of Controversy To Build Business; Fuck Happy Go For Joy; Joy Is A Condition; Mental Fitness Defined
3 – What Comes First — Physical or Mental? Two Keys To Success; Delayed Gratification; I Came Here For The Company, Not The Cupcakes

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