Seth Greene

When it comes to direct response marketing, Seth Greene is the man! 

Fresh out of college at age 22 he secured a position as a retail finance advisor. When his manager gave him the phone book as his client ‘rolodex’ he quickly decided this was not the career for him. Also working as a highly paid magician in his spare time, Seth decided to give a marketing boost to his magic show.

Tune in to find out how he turned a magician’s marketing course (a birthday gift from his parents!) and permission (ok, he might have begged a little) from his wife into being a five time bestselling author and establishing himself as America’s Ultimate Marketing Magician.

1 – The Jews Are My People; Rhonda Rousey Gets Her Face Pounded

2 – ADHD or WEED; Making Customers Appear Like Magic

3 – Must Have Marketing Tactics For 2016

4 – More Marketing Tactics


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