Kit Pang - Reinventing Listening

Kit Pang is not only a speaker, but an avid listener. As a consultant and a trainer, he loves working with entrepreneurs to help them hone their own storytelling skills. He is currently the President of the Federal Toastmaster Club of Boston, volunteers as a TEDx Speaker Coach and a founder of BostonSpeaks, which is a Meetup group dedicated to connecting speakers in Boston.

Kit believes that society has become increasingly distracted, stressed out and are out-of-tune with others in the physical world, particularly with the massive rise of social media and that listening is the communication skill we need to use most often.

Listening helps us learn about our internal struggles, fortify relationships and become respected leaders. However, Kit says that listening might be the most misunderstood communication process.

Tune in to this episode to hear Kit talk about why it’s time to reinvent listen and make others feel like they are truly important – maybe then we can ALL stand out.

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